Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Fun

A few stories emerging at Blazer practice today regarding the team's annual Halloween get-together....

In what is really a tradition amongst WHL teams, the Blazer players gathered Sunday for some fun.

"(Lyndon) Martell's costume was probably my favorite," said a laughing Brandon Underood before practice.

"He was the Energizer Bunny... it was great. I also liked (Josh) Caron's. He just put a bed sheet over his head and called himself a ghost. It was a good time, there's were some cops and cowboys, it was a lot of fun," he added.

F Shayne Neigum had his favorites too.

"Yeah there was a couple good ones... Bernard (Keil)'s nickname is the Big German Baby and he had a blue bonnet on and a little baby suit complete with a diaper...there was some good costumes."

The Blazers practiced this afternoon in preparation for the Kelowna Rockets who they host tomorrow night at ISC. Face-off at 7pm.

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Anonymous said...

Was Saip at the halloween party?