Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lanigan Talks Trade

The Blazers spent most of the day on the bus... but for one of the players the ride didn't last long.

Goaltender John Groenheyde was informed he had been traded to the Edmonton Oil Kings just before the bus pulled out for Calgary this morning from Interior Savings Center.

The 19 year-old was dealt straight-up for 18 year-old Cam Lanigan. Lanigan joined his new teammates tonight as he flew in from Prince George where the Oil Kings were getting set for a two-game set against the Cougars,

"The phone rang in my hotel room.... I thought it was just a wake-up call so I let it ring," commented the newly acquired Lanigan in the lobby of the Calgary Sandman hotel about an hour ago.

"Turns out it was the coach. I knew something was up at 8:20 in the morning when he wanted to meet with me."

Lanigan, a Calgary native attended Calgary Flames camp this fall and admits he was off to a slow start this year.

"I'm trying to get that consistency back in my game again, get back to the way I've played in the past."

Lanigan will dress tomorrow night when the Blazers play in Calgary. It isn't known if he'll see action this weekend or simply back-up Jeff Bosch.


On a personal note, I've seen Cam Lanigan play some real good games in goal for the Oil Kings the last two seasons. He's played well in the games I've seen. He was also stellar two weeks ago when the Blazers picked up a 3-2 win in Edmonton.

More with Cam Lanigan on tomorrow night's broadcast.



Anonymous said...

great news for Jon Groenheyde, He gave his heart and soul to that organization and nothing ever in return except the love from the fans. We will miss your smile and heart Jonny G.

Anonymous said...

He had his chances, if he could have proved to the team he was a consistent #1 goaltender then they wouldn't have brought in Jeff Bosch. Now they get a younger goaltender for now and next year.

Anonymous said...

2 starts in 12 games, doesnt sound like much of a chance. new tender is actually same age

Anonymous said...

Good luck Cam :)

Anonymous said...

at least we got an 18 year old backup instead of a 19 the stat look pretty much the same

Anonymous said...

Who above said their the same age? Jon is a 91 born and Lanigan is a 92 born, not sure how they are the same age, math in your world must be different than every were else