Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WHL Goal Scoring Up

I thought I'd share something I was working on for the WHL Radio Show this week....

In case you haven't noticed, the number of goals scored this year in the WHL is up from last year's overall pace.

Through 105 WHL games this season, we are seeing an average of 7.23 goals per game. Last year's average was 6.51 goals per game. So, goals are up %9.9 so far this season.



Tyler said...

I am curious if Mr. Lamb will be making any moves by the deadline October 15. That is the deadline right? Anyways, adding to an already strong 15 year old group, adding Robbie Newton looks like a solid pick up for the future. Is Robbie 16? If so, will he maybe be playing this year?

Jon Keen said...

He's 16.

Tyler said...

6'2"? ? lbs? The Saskatoon Contacts don't have his information posted. It would be interesting to see if he will be playing this year for the Broncos as some point or play the year out with the Contacts. We already have two 16 year old defenseman on our roster in Scarlett and Craig and one 16 year old forward in Lowry. Dang that's pretty solid and again add in our awesome 15 year old group and the Broncos are looking very well for the future.

On a side note Jon, thanks for providing feedback to questions and comments us Broncos fans have.

Anonymous said...

do you think there is any hope the iCE will get Stickland back? maybe tassone? we need a 20 that can score BADLY!!