Friday, October 23, 2009

Blazers' Stretch Gets Four Games

The hit on Broncos D Eric Doyle by C.J. Stretch of the Kamloops Blazers has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the league's office.

The blindside and dangerous hit on Doyle has left Stretch with a four game suspension.

Doyle is out with a concussion and won't play this weekend.

Now another incident.....

The league will be reviewing another tape, this time from tonight's game after a vicious elbow from behind delivered by Blades enforcer Randy Mcnaught on D Jordan Evans. The Blades were down 4-0 at the time and looking for a spark.

Evans also has a reported concussion.

The no-doubt major penalty could have Mcnaughton sitting down for a bit. Director of officiating Kevin Muench was in the building.

A recap will follow.


Anonymous said...

Brody Luhning was not the third best player on the ice last night. Nice stars.

Jon Keen said...

Eagle broadcast doesn't pick the stars this season. Nonetheless, why not reward a rookie for a strong effort.

Haha, and so often isn't it easy to pick the players who weren't the best? Thanks for leaving your name too.