Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eakin Talks Contract

(Cody Eakin at the NHL Draft in Montreal this summer)

I talked to Cody after practice about his entry level contract with the Capitals and moving forward with Broncos.... here's what he had to say.

JK: You're now signed NHL property, how does that feel?

Cody: It feels pretty surreal right now. I really don't want to change anything, I want to keep my focus on the Broncos. I'll enjoy it for the moment but then it's back to work.

JK: Some people view an NHL contract in the WHL as a finish line. What's going to keep you going now?

Cody: When I play against signed players in the WHL, I always want to prove to myself I'm better than them. Now it's going to be tougher, other players are going to want to use me as a measuring stick. We will see how that goes... but right now I'm just excited.

JK: How did it come together for you so quick? I don't remember a Broncos at this stage being early in their 18 year-old season being signed.

Cody: I did the best I could (at Capitals training camp) in the short amount of time I was there. I guess they took a liking to me and rewarded me with a deal and now we'll go from there.

JK: You made the comment to me after you were drafted that it's not so much where you go in the draft it's just important you go to a team that really wants you. I guess that statement turns out to be really big in your case.

Cody: Yeah, I heard someone say to me "don't worry about where you were drafted, it's just a pageant." I got the feeling though (the Capitals) really wanted me and likewise I'm happy to be with them.

When I was at the draft it felt like the end of the world (dropping to round three) but today it feels a whole lot better.

JK: To be a young guy and have a bunch of money in your pocket sometimes can be disastrous. What's going to keep you focuses and keep you grounded?

Cody: Swift Current will keep me grounded. You always hear those stories about those guys being cocky and stuff but I don't want this to change me and in a way I think this town will help me.

JK: Explain to me what you expect moving into next season. Do you have the mindset this is your last year in junior and that you will make the Capitals?

Cody: I don't expect to play (in Washington) when I'm 19 next year...maybe down the road. I expect to play here next season. The last two and half years have been the best time of my life and I'm not looking to get out of here anytime soon."


I've contacted the Capitals in the hopes of having someone comment on the signing. I'll post something once I get it.

Meanwhile, Cody plus teammates Derek Claffey and Eric Doyle were down at "Cowtown Western Wear" yesterday to get geared up for the Broncos annual poster promotion.

There was some good laughs and some good get-up. We had our Shaw TV crew down there to tape a segment of the "Inside Edge". Watch for that in the coming days on the local Shaw TV channel.



O said...

He's such a well grounded young man with head on his shoulders. Should be captain imo.

Anonymous said...

Holy s%#t! 200 grand signing bonus to an 18 year old!.....Remember Ian White....nuf said.

Tyler said...

I thought Ian White too but I don't think Eakin will become like him when White got money like that.