Saturday, October 17, 2009

More From Edmonton

A few more hours away from face-off here in Edmonton. We've been here for about 24 hours now. Sometimes you almost forget why you're actually here. Of course, it's to play a game but it can get lost with everything else going on including last night's Oiler game.

I know the coaching staff will be stressing "the reason why we're here" both today and leading up to face-off.

Broncos Head Coach / GM Mark Lamb is a pretty good host here in his the city where he played for parts of five seasons and coached for another. He's hockey royalty here in the city. And why not, after winning a Stanley Cup and scoring some big goals over the years it's almost rockstar status. No kidding around.

He took the team to one of his four restaurants he has ownership in. Last night it was the The Lux Steakhouse downtown. In a word, wow.

The team got a five star meal complete with steak and chicken and some cheesecake to close. The staff was tripping over themselves to make sure Mark was happy and content with the food and service.

I shudder to think what the bill would have been. Mark took care of it and we headed out to the game.

He's also part of one of Edmonton's hottest downtown locations called 100. About half the Oilers headed down there after a 5-2 win against the Wild.

Everyone is always happy to see and chat with Mark in Edmonton, that was evident at the game last night too. Kevin Lowe, Pat Laforge, Ethan Moreau, Kelly Buchberger, Tom Renney, etc.

Safe to say he's a pretty likable guy.


Heard around the dinner table last night...

Broncos A.C. Tim Kehler: Hey Graeme (Craig) , are you sure you want to have that 2nd piece of cheesecake? We're playing on the fastest ice surface in Western Canada tomorrow.

Graeme: Hey, I've PLAYED on this ice big deal.

Tim: Yeah... was it between the first and 2nd period or between the 2nd and the 3rd? ; )

Haha, T.K. is always good for some chuckles on the road.


The team will leave directly after tonight's game and head to Medicine Hat. The Broncos play the Tigers tomorrow night at 6pm.



Tyler said...

I'm curious if Muench is going to be in the lineup. I'm actually more curious who won't be in the lineup.

Jon Keen said...

Muench is in. Team is healthy minus Tassone.

Tyler said...

Thanks Keener...Tassone a future color commentator?