Friday, October 02, 2009

Ketting Re-assigned

This move was made earlier in the week.... here's the release:

The Broncos have re-assigned goaltender Chad Ketting to BC.

Ketting, 18, from Sechelt, BC is hoping to stick with a team in the BCHL. With the roster move the Broncos are down to 2 goaltenders and 24 players on the roster


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Tyler said...

WOW...I think that was the worst I've ever seen the Broncos play tonight in Regina. Not physical (a few here and there and few scuffles at the end of a whistle) or taking care of players in front of the net and such. That's what I saw from that game. Ya, maybe we wait on Lamb's system to be in full control but that game in Regina was pretty lame. No passion!! I'm still standing by the fact that we need a heavy weight for obvious reasons. I await your reply.