Thursday, October 01, 2009


Not much brewing on the Broncos front today...

I went down to practice briefly to get some clips for the morning sportscasts...

One thing that's been talked about a little is the intensity of practices. F Justin Dowling talked about it.

"I noticed this year it's a lot more high paced (at practice). After every drill we will do some skating around the rink or from boards to boards. I know Lambsy wants are team to be fast and one of the better conditioned teams in the league."

The Broncos made a small roster move yesterday. It will more than likely be officially announced later today.


The legend of Dean Chynoweth was alive in Prince Albert last night. Water bottles from both benches rained down at the Art Hauser Center as the Raiders hosted the Regina Pats. From all accounts it sounded pretty heated in the third period. The Pats skated to a 9-3 win in what was Jordan Eberle's return from the Edmonton Oilers.

Expect the league to weigh-in later today. If history has taught us anything, the first water bottle will cost $500... then $250 for each one there-after.

Speaking of Chynoweth, his New York Islanders are projected by TSN to finish dead last in the NHL's Eastern Conference.

The Colorado Avalanche will retire Joe Sakic's #19 tonight before their season opener against the San Jose Sharks.

For Bronco fans who witnessed Joe's time with the Broncos I'm sure it will be a special night as well.


Tyler said...

Broncos made a small roster move yesterday? I'm assuming reassigning of Ketting perhaps? Maybe signing of Gustaffson who was jsut released by Saskatoon. Speedy Swedish winger who plays well both ways...according to Mr. Molliken.

Jon Keen said...

The first would be more accurate.