Friday, October 02, 2009

Regina Bound

(Broncos/Pats in the 2008 playoffs)

The Broncos begin an action packed weekend in Regina against the Pats tonight.

Both teams are coming off lopsided wins. Back on Saturday the Broncos beat Lethbridge
7-2 while Regina thumped Prince Albert 9-3 on Wednesday.

Broncos Head Coach/GM Mark Lamb is getting himself up-to-speed with the talented Jordan Eberle

"He's one of those special players. If we just let him skate all over the ice he's going to burn us. He makes bad players look good when he's playing with them and good players look bad when they're playing against him. He's an NHL player that could probably be playing at that level right now. We're going to have to pay special attention to him."

If I time it right, we
'll hear from Ebere in our pre-game show.

The Pats Curtis Hunt was fined $500 bucks for tossing a water bottle from the bench Wednesday in Prince Albert. Our plan is to have him on our pre
-game coaches show along the Broncos Mark Lamb of course.

There isn't a Pats home broadcast because of Rider coverage on CKRM
. If you live in Regina and can't make the game, you can catch our broadcast on Sask-Tel Max channel #834. Or you can find it online of course. Just a pre-game warning.... we are "the official Broncos station".

The Broncos host Prince Albert tomorrow night and Red Deer Sunday.

It's like the Broncos are a college hockey team lately with just weekend games. After the three-in-three they won't play until the following


The timeline for the return of Broncos F Matt Tassone is looking better. Tassone is expected to re-join the team later this month. Don't expect him to be in the line-up until mid-to-late November though. It's nice to hear things are progressing nicely with Taz.

Former Bronco Zack Smith was a late Ottawa Senators cut that has him back in Bingo again. Smith and former teammate Keegan
Dansereau will begin the season with the Binghamton Senators of the AHL. You would have to think Zack will be one of the first call-ups to the big club once they start going. We'll be watching.


How good was opening night in the NHL last night?

The Leafs/Habs
overtime had a great pace going. Back and forth, yet responsible hockey. It was a treat to watch.

Local product Travis Moen
scored for the Habs in his season debut and got his nose dirty a few times. How about former Bronco Colton Orr and Georges Laraque getting after it early in the first period?

Anyone that knows me knows I like the tough stuff. I think I could waste away a day pretty easily watching old NHL fights on youtube.

The thing with Big George is that he's a wrestler. He's not one to stand in there and trade. George is always looking for the take-down - just like last night against Orr. For that, I have to take him off the list as a top-five heavyweight. Stand in there and trade!

Just based on that, I like the style of guys like Orr, Riley Cote and Daniel Carcillo


Loved the CBC's
call of the game from Jim Hughson though. Although I still like the classic sound of Bob Cole doing Leafs/Habs.


Here's my random thought of the day....

What's with all the showboating in sports these days?

I'm not a fan of of the stuff that goes on after fights. There's always somebody "raising the roof" or playing to the crowd. I think it's disrespectful to your foe personally. I doesn't matter if you win or lose either. Some guys are used as punching bags for 60 seconds yet emerge with their hands up in the air and a big smile on their face.

I'm ok with a little finger in the air..something subtle. That's it.

The biggest violators for over-celebrations is football - particularly on special teams. A guy gets down the field, makes a tackle and pops op off the turf pumping his chest and asking the crowd to make some noise.

A receiver catches an 11 yard out and promptly pumps the ball to the turf and gives the "first down" signal.

Guess what? You did your job, that's it. Now get off the field.

It's comparable to the mechanic chest-bumping after changing your oil. The grocery bagger doing a celebratory dance after successfully bagging your groceries, the gas jockey who does a cart-wheel after topping you up.

Go watch an old CFL game on ESPN Classics. It's refreshing actually. A guy makes a big play (ei: sack, one-handed catch, interception), dusts himself off and gets back to the huddle.

Ok, rant over.

We're on the air tonight at 6:30pm with the pre
-game show. Play-by-play at 7pm... Bronco fans, we'll see you tomorrow night at the i-plex.

Enjoy the weekend,



Tyler said...

I will be at the game Mr. Keen. Hoping for an intense, action packed game. I'm still hoping that Lamb tickers at least a little bit with our roster soon. Certain areas need to be addressed in my opinion.

Regan Bartel said...

Mr Keen. I am especially impressed that your rant came before 6 am. Have a good day 'Mr. Keen'.

Tyler said...

By "tickers" I applied bad.

Jon Keen said...

Thanks for noticing Regan. Busy day, busy day...have to get an early start.