Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Election Day

It's Swift Current Civic Election day today....

Yesterday on the Eagle 94.1 FM Morning Show, Out-going Mayor Sandy Larson was our guest. She was "everything goes" for the most part.

"There is only one choice for mayor... that is Jerrod Schafer," commented Mayor Larson. She's been endorsing Jerrod ever since he announced his intentions.

Another comment she made also showed her frustration with the process.

"I don't know why our city has to be dragged through the mud every civic election in the name of politics"

This has to do with the rat issue that has seemingly dissipated over the last month or two.

Should be a fun night of election coverage here at our group of three radio stations.

We could see some ol' fashion politics today. Apparently at the candidates forum Saturday at the Swift Current Mall, Henry "Hank" Banman wanted to "step outside" with current councillor Gord Budd. Thanks for helping the electoral process Henry.


To hockey now.......

The Swift Current Broncos are back in action Friday when they play in Moose Jaw. There's not much on the Bronco front right now. The status for D Eric Doyle and D Jordan Evans remains questionable for Friday's game.

I would venture a guess that we won't see them this weekend.

I'm going down there this afternoon for some Shaw TV interviews and some Bronco website features. I may post more of an update... if there is one at all.


Next Broncos home game is Sunday when the Broncos host the Saskatoon Blades. Sunday night is also the first Broncos / Minor Hockey Promotion.

Anderson and Company is sponsoring the game and every kid wearing their minor hockey jersey gets into the game free.

Hopefully our young hockey players and their family take full advantage of the night.

More later.....


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D-O-DOUBLE G-E-R said...

That might be a good one. Gord Budd would have a size advantage but Hank Banman is probably pretty wirey and quick, sort of a Terry O'reilly type, it would be like watching old youtube scraps from the 70's of Dave "the hammer" Schultz and O'reilly. I heard Annie had a couple big linesman there and kept them seperated before they could trade.