Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wheat Kings Take Game Three

Sorry for the lateness of the post....laptop difficulties.

It was Brayden Schenn night as the 1st round NHL pick and signed property of the L.A. Kings dominated with two goals and two assists for a 5-2 Wheat Kings win and a 3-0 series lead.

The Broncos fought back from an early 2-0 deficit just four minutes in thanks to back-to-back goals from Brad Hoban and Justin Dowling midway through the 2nd frame.

The Broncos road a wave of momentum all the way into the third period and actually appeared to be taking over the game.

But the Wheat Kings can steal momentum back in the blink of an eye as Schenn and Calvert danced in and found the trailing Alexander Urbohm on a 3-on-2 to grab a 3-2 lead.

Brayden Schenn showed NHL finish on a Bronco turnover deep to score an unassisted marker to make it 4-2. Matt Calvert added the empty-netter with 90 seconds to play.

The Broncos outshot the Wheat Kings for the 2nd time in three games - 37 to 33 on this night.

The Broncos now face elimination tonight in game four.

It was a good game, the Broncos played hard and the effort was outstanding. Folks in the Brandt Center were no doubt entertained. The attendance was just shy of 1500.

This series has been a lot closer than the 3-0 would indicate but bottom line is the Broncos have played good, but not good enough against a high-powered Brandon team.


The Hit.....

Wheat Kings forward Jordan Hale is probably looking at some sort of WHL discipline after his blind-side head-shot on Bronco rookie Adam Lowry in the final seconds of the game.

Lowry got caught from the blindside as the shoulder of Hale's came up and struck Lowry on the chin. The hit warranted a major penalty. Assistant Coach Tim Kehler was very adamant about the check in the post-game show. I don't want to paraphrase him here but Kehler got a little emotional when talking about the hit in our post-game show.

I saw the hit right away from the WHL replay booth which is located right beside our broadcast location.

We will see if the 19 year-old Hale is in the line-up tonight.

More later....



Jeff said...

Hey Jon,

The Broncos played well to times however Brandon's best players have outplayed SC's best players. If the Broncos want to win tonight they can not have defensive zone breakdowns when Brandon's best players are on the ice. Each time it was in the net.

The game really started to turn in the Bronco's favour when they started to take the body and finish their checks. I was impressed with their push back.

As they say the 4th win is the hardest to get.


Anonymous said...

There was nothing wrong with that hit, just a clean hard check. He didn't see it coming at the blueline, he didn't look to be hurt. Sure he laid on the ice for a bit but got off on his own power. The 5 was a litttle but a suspention would be over the top.

Grant said...

Hale sits tonight, and is waiting to see how long his suspension will be.