Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feeling at Home in Regina....

To be honest, feeling at home may be a stretch, but the Broncos will try to make the most of their time in Regina as the series moves to the Brandt Center for games three and four.

Personally, I came into the city early in the afternoon before the team's departure. I spent some time picking up some things and then going over to my friends place to see what was shaking with his family.


After the family visit, I went for a late supper at La Bodega on Albert St. That's a nice place. Tony took care of the two of us really nice. We will definitely be back. I'd give it five star rating. There's my Regina restaurant plug for the trip. Sorry, I don't have the menu to post.

It was a relative early night and now it's down to business today. Our local Shaw TV crew will meet up with the team at the hotel. They want to shoot a piece for The Inside Edge.

Then it's off to the Brandt Center for the morning skate. At some point I have to hook-up with the Pats staff so we can shoot the video screen opener for tonight's game. Then it's the regular routine of setting up the broadcast equipment and doing pre-game interviews. If you can get the coaches/players in the morning rather than two hours before face-off they appreciate it.


I couple radio friends who do morning shows in Regina have facebooked me looking for game details so they can chat about it on their show. I told them we appreciate the extra plugs. Hopefully there's a decent walk-up crowd for the games.


As for the game itself, the Wheat Kings should feel really good about coming here. Heck, the trip was shortened by 500 kms for them. The last time they were here they also skated to a 9-3 win over the Pats in the final weekend of the regular season. I would venture they are more comfortable here than the Broncos are.

However the games go, everyone on both sides agree it's a unique situation to say the least.


What's the Broncos plan in goal tonight? Do they go back to Mark Friesen who took the game two loss or do they go back to game one starter Morgan Clark? If you read Mark Lamb's comments yesterday he makes no bones about a goaltender needing to steal a game.

I can't even venture a guess as to who it would be. I do know this, Morgan Clark has played some of his best games in his career in the Brandt Center as a member of the Broncos and Red Deer Rebels. It's something to consider anyways.


Time to face the day... off to a team breakfast.

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