Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Update

The Brandon Wheat Kings became the latest east division rival to do the Broncos a big favor. Last night's 4-2 Brandon win over Prince Albert all but cinches up the final playoff spot in the Conference with a shot at 7th place.
The night before, the Pats did the Broncos a favor with a 6-3 win over the Raiders at the Brandt Center.

Regina's Brandt Center (photo credit Ryan Harder)

Enmax Center (photo credit Calvin Dyck)

Being the superstitious fella that I am I still can't really openly talk about playoff "home games" until the Broncos officially have a "x" by their name.

The WHL is initiating most of the talk as to where the Broncos will play their home games in the first round. Regina and Lethbridge continue to be the best options with the Pats recently waiving their territorial rights.

It may just come d
own to who the Broncos play in the first round ( if ) they clinch a playoff spot. On paper, Lethbridge would be a good option if it's the Calgary Hitmen while Regina would be the destination if it's the Brandon Wheat Kings.

I can't help to think that these venues will favor either Calgary or Brandon (as if they needed anymore help). Brandon's travel would be cut down 250kms while the Broncos would have to travel the extra distance. Calgary would shade nearly 300kms by going to Lethbridge.

So much for home-ice advantage.

I'll get more on this later today......


Is Former Bro
nco captain Zack Smith a beauty or what?

He was an em
ergency call-up from the AHL's Binghamton Senators after the flu bug hit the Ottawa Senators dressing room.

He arrived late Saturday night at the ACC in Toronto during the first period. There was just an absolute great shot of him on HNIC walking into the rink with one of the staff carrying his bag. He smiled that vintage grin to one of the Sens staff on his way into the room.

He suited up and played pretty well - he even played on a line with Jason Spezza for a bit.

Smitty is top-notch kid. He works hard and his teammates can't help but like him.

I hope the Sens take a real long look at keeping him full-time next season.



Anonymous said...

Too bad the WHL probably wouldn't let the Broncos jam 1000 people into the Community Arena in MC - then Brandon could travel all the way across the province to play


Caesar said...

On that note, isn't Moose Jaw a "cheaper" option?

Caesar said...

It's all good, I'd cheer for you guys!
Everybody loves the underdog!

How does that work for ticket sales for you guys? As well as concessions...that really sucks for you that all that revenue is gone!

Greg said...

Lethbridge isn't a bad place to play the first round if it is Calgary for 3 reasons:

1) Lethbridge still feels an attachment to the Broncos - after all, they were the Lethbridge Broncos from 1974 until 1986.

2) Lethbridge is not in the Eastern Division - it might sound trivial, but the Broncos might feel more like they have the home support as opposed to playing in a rink like Regina (where Pats fans could take out their anger).

3) Lethbridge hates Calgary - Nothing would make 'Canes fans happier than to see the Broncos give the Hitmen a hard time. A fan cheering against the Hitmen would mean another fan in the Broncos' corner.

Jon Keen said...

Caesar, thanks for the support. I'm not sure how they are going to divvy up everything. But the City of Swift Current is committed to compensating the Broncos for any lost playoff revenue.

Anonymous said...

is that old Ford Taurus parked outside the Brandt Center Brent Parker's car?