Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Game Day Stuff

A few gameday pics this morning from the Brandt Center.

Mark Lamb runs the skate at center-ice

Bronco logo carpet. Taken on every trip for the middle of the room

The Pats staff is doing their best to help out. They were notably helpful this morning. I didn't know this until I spoke to Cliff Mapes of the Pats office today. Regina will be in the same boat as the Broncos are in this season.
The Brandt Center will host the World Men's Curling Championships next season and will be looking for a place to play in the 1st round of playoffs.
Interesting to say the least. What goes around comes around. Another WHL partner - maybe Swift Current - will have to return the favour next season.
Had a good talk with the Wheat Kings Kelly MacCrimmon today. We are pretty much on the same page with this series so far. He agreed that Aaron Lewadniuk was probably his best player in game two.
He also hasn't wasted much time thinking about playing hockey in the Brandt Center against the Broncos. For him it's a non-issue. A venue change is nothing strange for Brandon in the post-season.
Ok, that's enough blogging today....more tonight. We're on the air at 6:30pm with the pre-game show. Guests include Warriors Head Coach Dave Hunchak among others. Play-by-play at 7pm.

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Anonymous said...

'Brandon hasn't scored for awhile...they score'. Good job buddy, way to jinx the Broncos.