Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doerksen Breaks Down Playoff Scenarios

WHL Vice President of Hockey Richard Doerksen is our guest tonight for our pre-game show in Prince Albert.

If the Broncos clinch a playoff spot, here's what they are looking at for the first four games of three potential opponents

Vs Calgary

@ Calgary, Thursday March 18th
@ Calgary, Saturday March 20th
@ Regina, Monday, March 22nd
@ Regina, Tuesday, March 23rd

Vs Brandon

@ Brandon Friday March 19th
@ Brandon Saturday March 20th
@ Regina, Tuesday March 23rd
@ Regina, Wednesday March 24th

Vs Saskatoon

@ Saskatoon Friday, March 19th
@ Saskatoon, Saturday, March 20th
@ Regina, Tuesday March 23rd
@ Regina, Wednesday March 24th

The playoff picture for games four, five and six (if necessary) gets a bit cloudier from there.

That's what I've been told from the WHL... that's what we know as of today.



Mike Kieluk said...

Jon, Thanks for sheding some light on the Saskatoon home playoff games now I just have to wait until the weekend to see who faces who and when the road games are so I can plan a for a road trip!!!!!!

I was really hoping that the Blades would/could play the Broncos..... It is looking less and less likely though. awe shucks lol

Anonymous said...

good luck when you come to REGINA it will be away game go any one but SC

Jon Keen said...

Hey..chance for you to see playoff hockey. Be happy.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure Ebs cleans out his stall for Eaks

Anonymous said...

To the last anontmous who said makes sure Ebs cleans out his locker for Eakin. I'm a Bronco fan but don't ever use it's like saying Rowatt and Roy in the same sentence. It just shouldn't happen.