Friday, March 12, 2010

By Request


I was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Punta Cana for the Gold medal game, too--and what a game, what a celebration, what an experience.

It was amazing to see all the Canadians packing the place; I don't think they ever had a better turn out: we even cleaned them out of PRESIDIENTE beer, lol.

Do you happen to have any pics of the celebration; I'd love to see them. I'm still hoping to get my hand on some myself: i left my email with a few people i met, and no response of yet, but i'm hoping they'll co
me through.

Take care and hope to hear from you.

Paulo "

Paulo, we snapped some pics. It was a crazy afternoon in "Punta Canada" . By my guess there nearly 300 Canadians and a handful of Americans.
Pics Below:

Our crew. Even the waitresses dressed up in Canada garb.

An hour before the game. That's our table in the middle.


Bronco playoff hockey in the Brandt Center?

Yes we are going to take over the rival rink to host either Brandon or Calgary for the Bronco home playoff games March 22-24

What will the reaction be in the Queen City? It probably doesn't help the fact the Broncos have been in large part the judge, jury and executioner of the Pats the last three seasons.

Bronco fans will make the trip, and I suspect a few interested Pats supporters will check out the games for curiosity sake.

I've talked to some of the members of the Regina media. They are pretty excited to have playoff hockey back in Regina - even if the Pats aren't involved. I'm hoping they cover the games as if their home team is involved.

The last playoff game in Regina was back in March of 2008. Go figure, the Broncos were involved. It was game five of the best-of-seven.

I still remember Broncos F Levi Nelson streaking down the right wing and beating G Linden Rowat five-hole to salt the game away in the third period.

I remember our fans taking over the building that night... especially the post-game.

Two seasons later, the Broncos are back.

I don't expect them to get the "home team" treatment. Not by any means.

In fact, the Broncos won't have access to the Pats facilities like their dressing room and other amenities. That's the word from management.

Virtually, it will be like two visiting teams battling in a neutral site playoff game.

I've had some Regina fans comment they will welcome the Broncos while others say it's a "anybody but Swift" mentality.

I just hope our fans have the opportunity to make the trip in for the mid-week games.

I'm grateful Regina will host us in our time of need. With that said, I don't expect the red carpet treatment.

See ya in Regina!



Anonymous said...


I too was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Punta Cana. I caught a ride with you and your friends back to your resort. I have an odd rash now. You should go see a Doctor.


Jon Keen said...

Hahaha. Funny

Paulo said...


Thanks for sharing the pics; they brought back great memories of that memorable day.

All the best.