Monday, November 09, 2009

What day is it?

We're in the midst of one of those stretches that can be a bit challenging but a whole lot a fun at the same time.

I was driving into work today thinking things are getting a bit hectic but at the same time smiling and thinking I wouldn't want it a
ny other way. I'm sure everyone around the WHL knows what I'm talking about.

Friday night hosting Prince George at the i-plex, Saturday bussing to Lethbridge to take on the Hurricanes, Sunday in the 'Dome to take on the Hitmen. A work/prep day today then the Shaw TV broadcast of the Pats/Cougars at the Brandt Center tomorrow night. Then, race back home for a Remem
brance Day Matinee game against the Prince Albert Raiders Wednesday.

I love it. Plain and simple. What a great league. I think we can take it for granted sometimes.


The Broncos returned home around 2am Saskatchewan time after a 4-2 loss in Calgary. The team running out of gas late in the 2nd period playing their third game in as many nights and fourth in five nights.

Up 2-1 late in the period, the Hitmen would score twice within 16 seconds and never relinquish the momentum. Some lazy penalties and frustration didn't help the comeback bid but quite frankly I'm not sure how much was left in the tank.

Some of Elaine Lowry's pumpkin loaf around Strathmore on the way home took out some of the sour taste from the loss. It drew rave reviews from the front of the bus. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy it with a movie on the way home one of these nights. I have to admit I'm falling way behind on the new releases lately if you know what I mean.


Had a good chat with Brad Curle before the game. The voice of the Hitmen was the voice of the Hurricanes in Lethbridge when I was going to college in that city. He's always been someone I've looked up to. The Porcupine Plain, SK native is a pro.

Saturday in Lethbridge I huddled around a press box TV with Hurricanes announcer Pat Siedlecki (Foam Lake, SK) as we watched our beloved Riders take on the Stampeders. We would meet back at the TV midway through the first period at the radio time-out to watch a play or two before returning back to the broadcast just as the commercials were winding down.

Shaw TV's Bob Adams wasn't so enthused with the Riders win up in the media box.. Bob is always bitching though! He taught me a lot back in the day. He used to direct our mobile TV broadcasts in college. Back then we would set up at high school football games, high school basketball, minor hockey, and college hockey. It was a great training ground. Sadly they don't do it anymore for LCC broadcast students. This was without a doubt the best teaching tool for me. It's a shame the broadcast students don't have the option anymore.


Ok, enough from memory lane.... here's a promotion the Broncos are offering for Wednesday's afternoon game against the Prince Albert Raiders:

"The Broncos are offering a special Holiday Family Pack for the Broncos game on Remembrance Day, November 11th.

For only $50, you get 2 adult tickets, 2 child tickets, 4 personal pizzas, 4 popcorn, 4 soft drinks and a game program. That's over $20 of savings. It's a special holiday game time of 2:30pm as the Broncos host the Prince Albert Raiders. It's a great chance for the entire family to come and see a Bronco game for a great price. "


Have a great week,



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having fun Jon. I'm sure it would be better if they won a few on the road!

Glen Erickson said...

Hey Jon...

Just posted an interview with Geoff Smith of the Kamloops Blazers. A little tidbit toward the end of the interview about C.J. Stretch and the suspension. Might be worth a listen. ANd, geez, check out my CFL predictions from last Friday. Wonder what a couple grand would've landed me in Vegas. Go Riders!!

Jon Keen said...

Ok, I'll take a look Glen...

ed said...

Don't look now but here come the Pats.

Darwin Gooding said...

Bob Adam is still with Cable 10??

Wow. Remember that game that you and I did from the stands where the guy was blocking our view in the middle of the game trying to sell us 50/50's???

Pure Gold.


Anonymous said...

Oh great, he gets chased off Pedersen's blog last week and now we have to deal with Retard-Ed here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon you never really gave your opinion of how this Hitmen team stacks up. I havent been able to check them out this yearbut by the look of their record it looks like there off to another good start. If you could tell me who stood out for them, and how you see them going forward and how they compare to Swift Current I would greatly appreciate it. I always have enjoyed your blog, so keep up the good work.