Thursday, November 05, 2009


I'm sure many people saw the game last night.... so you can draw your own conclusion.

The Broncos started well, had a let down in the 2nd period and saw the Blades winning goal go off the referee to keep the play alive along the wall. Charles Inglis picked up the carom and scored the game-winner 4:27 into the third.

Some interesting post-game comments....... If I get caught up with my work today I'll try and post something.

The Broncos welcome the Prince George Cougars tomorrow night at the Credit Union i-plex.

More later perhaps.........


Anonymous said...


I worked on the broadcast last night. I am wondering what your thoughts are to the video replay review on the Dziurzynski "goal" ?

From our views, it was clear that he was tripped on his way to the net and he, the goalie and the puck went in to the net, if he isn't tripped, he doesn't go in the net. What are your thoughts ?

I thought the broncos played well for the 1st period and a half, and then the blades kind of took over and you could see the blades really put on the pressure. I thought clark played very well in that game and the score should have been much worse than a 1-1 tie going in to the 3rd.

hope all is well with you.


Jon Keen said...

Hi Rusty, maybe I'll see you next week in Regina perhaps...

Ya know, I never got a chance to get a real good look at the replay. The replay booth was right beside me and I didn't get a great look.

The way the officials were huddling up and pointing at the screens with the puck in the net I was certain they were going to call it a goal.

It wasn't until I went to commercial and then asked them what they had found out. At that point they said Dziurzynski's momenteum pushed Clark and puck into the net.

I would have to give it a real good look before I was to say.

But, I'm a homer Rusty... NO GOAL! lol.

See ya.