Saturday, November 14, 2009

Schedule Follies / Good Hunch Quote

No game last night.... no game tonight, a strange weekend for the Broncos.

Since I've been calling games for the Broncos they have never had a Fri/Sat off except at Christmas.

No update this weekend.

I do know trade talk around the WHL is heating up and several teams continue to inquire about the Broncos 20 year-old situation. A lot of WHL personnel have been in our building the last while and the Bronco staff is putting on some "scouting" miles as well.

Edmonton is here tomorrow night for the third meeting of the season between the teams.


After being outshot in Regina last night, Warriors Head Coach Dave Hunchak made a quick comment to the Leaderpost's Greg Harder post-game:

“I’m not sure who was counting shots tonight but I think he ran out of fingers and toes and just kept pushing the button"

This is a problem in some WHL rinks.

Homer shot clock counters drive me nuts. It drove me to the point in one WHL rink a couple years ago to seek out the guy and ask him what the deal was.

Medicine Hat was a huge offender of this in years past but have been pretty good the last couple years.

Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Brandon, Lethbridge all do a pretty good job. But there is a couple of blatant offenders out there. Not much you can do... it doesn't affect the outcome of the game but it can significantly skew the game story.


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Switzer said...

I like our shot counters in Swift Current who are the opposite. They DON'T always credit the Broncos with shots. Earl, PAY ATTENTION!!!