Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's Old is New in Riderville

This is the "new" old Rider jersey the team will wear Sunday against the Bombers in the Labour Day Classic.

It's getting mixed reviews so far. The retro jersey was on display yesterday at a news conference.

(photos from the Green Zone blog @ www.ckom.com. It's an informative place for Riders Fans, check it out)

Not sure what to think here... I love the idea but I don't think they captured the old school look. Then again, how exactly do you do that?

Whatever they're wearing Sunday lets hope they get the job done against the Bombers.

Everyone seems to be talking Riders football right now.

I think Swift Current has the most Rider fans per capita in the province - and that's saying a lot because the Riders are popular EVERYWHERE.

It's a Sunday 2pm kick-off.


Switzer said...

Makes me wonder why the Broncos don't adopt a "retro" jersey. The Riders have a long tradition of sucking and they are paying tribute to yesterday with a retro jersey. I would love to go to the Civic Centre and see the old horseshoe logo or even the feared yellow and green.

Anonymous said...

walk before you can run I guess. They've haven't even sent a press release out in over a month. Is everyone abandonding ship?