Monday, August 27, 2007

News From Down the Road....

Down the road in Moose Jaw I've heard reports they are very happy with how training camp is going.

Competitive, physical and some good skill shown by some young up and comers.

Head Coach Dave Hunchak spoke with Darren Stein of CHAB radio this weekend about camp, "I think everybody for the most part met our expectations. There were some younger guys, I think Quinton Howden (07 first rounder) had a real good weekend. You sometimes tend to forget he's only 15 years old. There are certainly guys that did impress and certainly an abundance of young guys that will push for spots in years to come. "

He continued, "for the most part I was very happy with the work ethic, the competitiveness level. More importanly there was guys showing like they cared. We had some scraps this weekend, we had guys playing physical, pushing back. We had a nice mix of school on the ice too.

The Warriors still have to solve the problem of having two 20 year-old goaltenders in Joey Perricone and Kurt Jory. They know only one will be around this year. Kurt Jory has come ready to compete for the job. " It's a very competitive relationship we have. Joey and I both know that. We both have been thinking about it all summer so it's good to get on the ice." Jory commented over the weekend.

As for Perricone the attitude is much the same.

" We have a great relationship, we are really good to eachother and I hope the best for him but at the same time I have to be selfish for myself and fight for that spot. He's a very good goalie and we complimented eachother nicely last year, you just have to keep pushing."

From my perspective the Warriors will have a strong group of forwards - they're top nine look very good. Their defense is suspect and will need to fill some holes along the way.

They believe they can win the division and that's always a good start.

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