Thursday, August 16, 2007

McAvoy On the Move....

He's still a Bronco but you might not recognize the new #5 this season on the roster.

The St. Albert native is moving.... to the blueline. Spencer has shed the familiar #21 and will take over #5 from Myles Rumsey who graduated at the end of last season.

A quick conversation with Rumsey to get the OK did take place this summer as McAvoy adopts a more d-man type #.

So how does he feel about the transition. I asked him yesterday....

JK: Are you looking forward to you're new role this season? Tell me how it came about?

Spencer: Really looking forward to it, I love it back there. You really get to see the whole ice. I talked with Deano at the end of last season and we thought it would be a good move to back there and play the point a little. I think it will be better, more ice time and you get to feel the puck. I like to be involved during the game and I think playing "d" will be a good transition.

JK: You were a fill-in guy on the back end last season if the situation arose. How comfortable do you think you'll be on a full-time basis?

Spencer: I actually feel more comfortable there than at forward. You see the whole ice and where everyone is at. There are some things I have to work at. Deano says he'll give me help along the way and I'm looking forward to it.



Training camp begins Monday for the 50 man protected list. Registration is that morning. Then the will be some tours and presentations. There will be some practices in the afternoon and then a BBQ to conclude the day back at the Bronco offices.

Tuesday, more practices at the Fairview in the morning and then some 4 on 4 in the afternoon.

Wednesday, the free-agents show up (could be about 30). There is limited on-ice sessions Wednesday. At this point nothing formal has been scheduled.

Thursday the players will be divided into four teams (Team Sakic, Team Tiger, Team Ruskowski, and Team Trottier). Individual team practice begins at 7:30am and runs to 1pm. Then the four teams begin a tournament with the first game set for 4pm - Sakic vs Trottier followed by Ruskowski vs Tiger.

Friday the tournament continues after morning practices. The tournament games begin at 4pm.

Saturday is the same as Friday. Morning practices followed by afternoon games beginning at 4pm.

Sunday morning will see the tournament consolation final @ 10am. The Championship final is at 2:30.

Monday the 27th, the remaining players will be divided into Team Black and Team White for the annual Intersqaud game. Fitness testing in the morning with practice in the afternoon and evening.

Tuesday the 28th, morning practice followed by the 7pm Black/White game.


Regan Bartel said...

What. No Dan Rakos!!! I can't do games between the Rockets and Broncos without Rakos!!! What a player. I loved his last name. Also what's the deal with your color analyst opening?? Switzer wanted to much money??

Jon Keen said...

Haha, maybe you guys can bring Rakos in for your 2nd Euro spot considering you drafted Backstrom and the chances of him being a Rocket aren't good, haha.

This just in. Keen/Switzer - one more year.