Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

Day three was exciting as it gets.... if you're in to circuit training and wind sprints.

Not much today for the Broncos in regards to on-ice. There was some open ice in the afternoon after a morning filled with work-outs led by Athletic Therapist Paul Ayotte and Assistant Coach Tim Keller.

The open ice session resembled an organized pick-up hockey game. For the first time in camp Geordie Wudrick and Levi Nelson were skating. Wudrick's equipment finally arrived from London and Nelson was good to go after a foot infection.

About 30 or so free agents showed up this afternoon. The team met as a group this evening for introductions, expectations and rules. The players were also broken into four teams for a mini tournament that begins tomorrow afternoon.

4pm - Team Sakic vs Team Trottier
7pm - Team Ruskowski vs Team Tiger

The teams will all have a chance for a practice session beginning at 7:30am.

Director of Player Personnel Jaime Porter and Assistant Ken Fox along with the scouting staff
will have some evaluations to do. Judging by the young talent in camp there will be some very tough decisions to make.

The first cuts aren't expected to be made until Sunday once the tournament concludes. From there, four teams become two in preparation for the annual Black / White Intersqaud game Tuesday night.

A couple of former Broncos will be spectators tomorrow as they check-up on former teammates. Kyle Moir is expected to be around the rink tomorrow and Dane Crowley informed me he'll be taking in the 7pm game. Crowley is on his way out to Everett for camp. He heads to Tampa Bay Lightning camp in the coming days in search of a contract. I hope he gets it. He's a hard worker on and off the ice and is one of the nicest guys you'll meet. He's a durable guy who will be a leader with the Tips if he's back this season.

More news tomorrow following the pair of games,



Corey said...

Hey Keener, try to get an update on the PR spot. The Bronco site hasn't posted anything in ages. Have they hired anyone yet? Front runners? Rumours? Guesses ! haha

Jon Keen said...

Honestly Corey I haven't paid too much attention to it. Not being an employee of the team I don't ask questions. Somehow I think a new PR person won't have much of an on-ice impact, therefore I haven't dedicated much time or effort into that aspect. Sorry.

Corey said...

hahaha. you ALWAYS ask questions, but fair enough. Enjoy camp!