Sunday, August 19, 2007

Riders Impressive, CBC Not So Much

Let me start by reminding everyone over at CBC sports, more specifically pbp host Mark Lee it's the "Saskatchewan" Roughriders, not the Regina Roughriders... but I digress.

CBC has bigger problems.

When the power went out at Mosiac Stadium last night, it was the last images of the football game for everyone across the nation except for Saskatchewan.

The CBC cut away from Regina and did not show the last 13:04 of the 4th qaurter to the rest of Rider Nation outside of the provincial boundary. Quite frankly that's embarrassing.

Rightfully so the CBC is taking heat from the Rider fans across the country and from the CFL itself. What has happened to the powerhouse that once was CBC Sports? For years an icon, now resembling a local cable company production.

Don't get me wrong, Hockey Night in Canada is a staple. They pioneered television sports in our country but have since been lapped by the folks at TSN and Sportsnet.

Even during the NHL playoffs I found myself watching NBC's coverage over CBC's just simply because it was better and more informative. That's the reality.

This latest debacle is just another example of how the once mighty CBC Sports is crumbling. I know Joel Darling recently took over as Head Producer, if anyone can turn it around, the former producer of HNIC can. Good luck Joel.

Kudos to CRKM Rider Radio. They're coverage during the outage was outstanding. We were all in Regina in the middle of the storm and they're work via cellphone deserves credit. Knowing how difficult an operation that can be, I felt informed and up to speed while tuning in "the old fashion way".

Oh, and what a game! They are making a believer out of me. They're secondary is still a bit shaky but I've never seen this much creativity offensively from this football club. Head Coach Kent Austin has rejuvenated the Riders, this province and fans from coast to coast.

What a display of Rider Pride last night and the drive back to Swifty. Labour Day should be fantastic. There is a group of about 25 of us headed for the game and we're all excited.

Enjoy the bye-week, you've earned it.


On the Broncos front, players on the 50 man list report tomorrow morning for orientation. More tomorrow,



Anonymous said...

Any good news lately on how the rink project is coming along..or still all negative news?

Jon Keen said...

that depends, is no news good or bad?

Corey said...

for anyone that was at the game on Saturday !! woohoooo. it was freakin awesome ! even the 20 minute wait in the stands to get to cover outta the down pour ! haha goot times. A definite "to remember" game !

Mole said...

CBC did an aweful job of that game from start to finish. Steve Armitage is historically known for asking questions at intermissions that make you ask "has he even watched this game?" Case in point was his statement to Kent Austin at the half, when he said something along the lines of "It took a while for the Rider offense to start clicking, but it looks like they are showing signs of turning it around." What a funny statement when the Riders scored a touchdown 45 seconds into the game, and as kent Austin pointed out, were a dropped ball away from scoring 31 points in the half. Is it just me or does anyone else notice that the average age of the CBC Sports on air staff has to be pushing 80.

I didn't know that the remainder of the game wasn't shown in any other province then here. That is brutal. It is about time that the CFL give an exclusive deal to TSN, who I think does a heck of job with CFL football.

And as far as the secondary goes.....I will talk to you later on this one. This sounds like a hockey guy looking at the final passing yards and making a football conclusion that the secondary was week. You watched the game, and you know better than that. Most of Ricky Ray's yards came on underneath crossing patterns, in front of the linebackers. The secondary has been the best in the league all year. Check out the average yards per catch, and the interception totals.

Anonymous said...

I agree CBC has been in the comfort zone too long and a change is needed. The CBC has just won contracts for the simple fact that they are CBC. This has made them arrogant and unwilling to move with the times. TSN broadcasts of sports is technically ahead of CBC, in fact the only thing that saves the CBC is their on camera personal...and the fact that there is no other option ie. the game on CBC is not on TSN. Even think back to the NHL playoffs when we were subjected to short moments of black cut into a game or other digital glitches, it was brutal. This incident only accents the fact that CBC makes poor decisions (at least a money based decision leaving its audience in the dark) to go along with their poor operation. However I do also feel the need for the CBC broadcast as they are integral to what little Canadian Culture we have to unite us all. But if they can't get any better I have no objections turning my Canadian Culture to TSN.

On one last note I believe this is a good example of why we need more local media. The radio broadcast was as usual superb and kept those that really wanted to be in the loop.

Anonymous said...

Keener no need to worry about the secondary... Frazier got beat a couple times. Same with kornegay but i believe arabin justin will be back from the injury list... The riders are looking great and will on;y be better when they get yo,eddie, jurineak, adams and justin back not to mention big gene makowsky

Darwin Gooding said...

Fraizer is a huge weak link in our secondary. I haven't been impressed with him at all. I've seen him get beat deep on at least 3 occassions this season (Twice for TD's vs the Eskies).

Glad he's a back up. Other than that, I think our secondary is fine. What I saw from the game the other night is that teams are beginning to figure out our d-line. Prior to the blackout, we were rarely close enough to smell Ricky Ray let alone tackle him.

But, after the delay they were all over him and you saw what happened.

Our Defence lives and dies on that pressure.

Jon Keen said...

Agree there, pressure is no doubt the key to it all. 3 quarters and three minutes of nothing, then finally we got in Ray's face and he was ineffective.