Thursday, August 02, 2007

Desjardins Ends Speculation...He's Staying in TigerTown

Medicine Hat Tigers Head Coach & General Manager Willy Desjardins is staying put!
He was a guest on the MY 96 morning show today and put an end to all the rumours and speculation.
Many reports had him high-tailing it to San Antonio of the American Hockey League.
So there you have it.....


Anonymous said...

Hey J.K.

What happened at the Indians vs Red Sox game 5?

We hear there was fireworks and ejections.

Now the Regina manager has said he will not return next year?

Nothing in the Leader Post other than the story about the field manager quitting.

Would love to hear the other side of the story, actually just a story on game 5 and the fireworks.


Jon Keen said...


I wouldn't read anything into the fact Douglas won't be back next season and what happened in game five.

I was told it's been coming regardless of what happened at the end of the season - just time to move on.

Anyways, in game five the Red Sox were upset with the strike zone for most of the game, then a blown call at 1st in the 7th inning was the last straw.

Another coach, plus Douglas and the catcher were all ejected during the 10 minute affair. The game was already 9-2 at that point. Give Douglas credit, he went out with a bang.

Anonymous said...

Hey J.K.

Thought the play-off games were on the Eagle, tuned in and it said the broadcasting has ended for the year.

Big win for the Tribe last night, really BIG!!!

Thanks for the Douglas update, my friends were giving him the gears at the game and he challenged one of them. Good thing it did not come to blows, Douglas would of really gone out with a BIG BANG!!

I actually herd the Red Sox wanted to go another direction, and after the game Douglas pulled the cord.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, not sure that anyone will read this, but Douglas had decided long before that game he would not be coming back. The third member of the team ejected was not another coach, but DH Brandon Legard, for cussing out an ump from the bench. The blown call appeared deliberate, as the officials had made a similarly terrible call against the home side a couple innings previous and probably wanted to "make it up" as often happens in sports.

Had the umps done their job, Marshall the Sox catcher would not have been ejected, but it would not have made a difference to the outcome of the game or the series. Too bad in a way the series had to finish on that note because it had been one hell of a matchup to that point. But also highly entertaining finish.