Saturday, August 25, 2007

More From Camp...

A couple quick notes from the two tournament mini games yesterday...

In game one (Tean Trottier vs Team Ruskowski), veteran d-man Derek Claffey had the hat-trick as he showed some offensive flair - something we rarely see from the defense first 18 year-old. It was enough to get Team Trottier into a shootout in which they won thanks to pretty goals from Euro David Steiler and Justin Dowling. Final score: Trottier 7 Ruskowski 6

- I thought 07 first rounder Christian Magnus for Team Ruskowski looked as good as he's been all week. 17 year-old Mike Brown continues to excel on occasion. He played a pair of games last season on a call-up basis.

- An unlikely scrap broke out late in the game between Trottier's Bienvenu and Ruskowski's Brad Hoban. Hoban has been a much talked about 16 year-old as he tries to crack the line-up this season.

Game two was another good one as Team Tiger held on to beat Team Sakic 6-4 with an empty netter. Dale Wiese scored two more goals - including the empty netter in the dying seconds after what looked like the tying goal from Team Sakic's Kris Foucault. Foucault is drawing more attention after a pair of nice goals in the contest. He has five in two games.

One of the best players in rookie camp last season, Foucault has worked on his conditioning this past year and has come to camp in better shape. He says it's definitely helping him this year.

'06 first rounder Cody Eakin continues to look impressive.

Game action continues today at 4pm and 7pm from the Fairview. A lot of Bronco fans are taking in the sessions and that's great to see. You can tell everyone is excited about the upcoming season.

- I should correct myself from a post on Thursday night. It was Team Sakic over Team Trottier 8-4 and not the other way around. I apologize to B.C. scout Albert Van Hoek who is behind the bench of Team Sakic who pointed that out to me yesterday...

- A quick note from around the league. Brandon Wheat Kings 18 year-old Matt Hallick will not be returning to the Wheaties. He's at home awaiting a trade after both sides agreed a change of scenery is necessary. Hallick only scored once in 49 games last season which was below expectations for all involved.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

You keep mentioning that Cody Eakin continues to impress but that is all you say. What has he done to impress, he is scoring goals? Will he make the team this year?


Jon Keen said...

Well, he's scoring goals, seeing the ice well, making smart plays, working hard, winning face-offs...

It's not my call as to if he will make the team or not but the Broncos would be crazy not to keep him around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, he comes from good blood lines, Dad Butch was a hard working player and his uncle Bruce had a pretty good junior and professional career.

I think Cody not only makes the team but will be a star in the league. He will score 20 goals minimum this year and will double that the following year.


Jon Keen said...


I don't remember the last time a 16 year-old had 20 plus goals with the Broncos. I would say that would be setting the bar awfully high. I would love to see it, but half that total would be a more realistic goal.

I would love to see it, but it's rare at best.

Anonymous said...

You will have a front row seat Jon. If they give him the icetime this young hockey player will surprise all.

Cody Eakin will find his way with the veterans after Christmas. If he is given a chance for some PP then he will get the 20 goals I am predicting.


Switzer said...

Since 1986 three Bronco 16 year olds have scored twenty+ goals.

Who were they? I'll answer tomorrow (sunday the 26th)at this time (around 5pm). Ponder it til then.

Jon Keen said...

Can't wait Switz... all from the high flying days I'm sure. Joe Sakic for sure...

Anonymous said...

Play Cody Eakin and you will have your fourth player in Bronco history!!


Switzer said...

Cody Eakin would be in some unique company.

Kimbi Daniels 30 goals in 88-89

Todd Holt 26 goals in 89-90

Ashley Buckberger 23 in 91-92

Anonymous said...

Surprised by the names you posted. But I remain true to my comment, if the kid gets played and recieves some PP, he could score 20!

Now if they work him slowly then ya I will agree 10 goals would be more realistic.

This kid can walk in and play right now, he wants it too!!!