Monday, August 20, 2007

Broncos Hit the Ice

Ok, for the average Bronco fan today wasn't exactly a home-run. But for a junior hockey fanatic that I am, it was a blast.

Today it was players from the 50 man list going through some off ice orientation before breaking into two groups for a pair of practices.

It was great to see some of our top prospects on the ice. Cody Eakin, Brad Hoban, Justin Dowling and this year's first rounder in the bantam draft Christian Magnus.

A few Broncos sat today out. Levi Nelson (foot), and Geordie Wudrick who's equipment is still overseas watched the proceedings. Geordie tells me his gear will be here Wednesday. It's probably good he gets a few days off anyways after just getting home from the U-18 Ivan Hlinka tournament in the Czech Republic.

In talking to Geordie he was disappointed with Canada's 4th place showing. He says he was used sparingly and was a bit disappointed with that. You will never hear this guy complain though.

He wanted to get on the ice today and was disappointed about his gear bring 1000's of miles away but so goes the world of international travel.

I noticed a few guys are looking good off the ice. Cody Eakin and Justin Dowling have both grown a little.

Ryan Molle is looking big after a strong off-season work-out plan. All the guys appeared to have put some time in the weight room over the summer.

Some other young players caught my eye today. 17 year-old Scott Mcauley on the blueline, and forward Taylor Vause had me checking my program a few times. D-man Joel Rodgers also made me look twice.

Matt Tassone looked good after missing most of the 2nd half with a broken knee cap. I thought he looked strong.

R.J Larochelle looks like he'll be a strong anchor on the blueline. He's impressed so far. Eric Doyle was also skating strong and with confidence.

Newly acquired European forward Jan Dalecky is also on the ice. I didn't get a very good look although he appears as advertised, a 17 year-old smaller skilled forward.

As for tomorrow, there are two practice sessions in the morning beginning at 9:30am at the Fairview. In the afternoon there is some 4 on 4 and 3 on 3 action beginning at 4pm.

Not much to report on day one but it's a start anyways.


Am I getting old? After last night's flag football game and a weekend of water skiing I woke up this morning almost unable to get out of bed. My back is in knots which has me headed to Broncos Chiropractor extraordinaire Dr. Kristmanson in the morning. 28 and almost a cripple am I. I've heard yoga is great. Maybe a little maintenance and stretching is in order. This is the worst pain I've experienced a long time.

One last thing. I heard from a friend on the set of "Corner Gas" that Travis Moen was taping his appearance on the hit TV sitcom today. He was apparently filming a scene inside the "Ruby"and depending on the weather they were going to attempt to shoot his run-in with the local police outside. I can't wait for the episode.

More tomorrow,


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Corey said...

Hey Keener ! Thanks for the "up to date" on training camp. With no replacement for the PR posittion at the Bronco office (or have they made a decision?) it is great to be able to keep up with things on your blog! I look forward to the rest of the week!