Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Black Beats White 7-6 in Shootout

I only caught the third period of the Black/White game so I don't have a full recap.

The game was played 4-on-4 because of a lack of bodies so it was wide open to say the least. The third period (and I'm told all game) was filled with odd man rushes and breakaways. Highly entertaining for the fans who filled up the Fairview Arena.

Team Black trailed 5-2 headed into the 3rd and rallied back led by Paul Postma. The 18 year-old d-man picked up the hat-trick and also added an assist.

Ryan Molle's muffin from the blueline with 40 seconds to play found it's way by Chad Ketting (who still played well) and tied the game 6-6.

Zack Smith rang the post for Team Black on a shot from the slot in the dying seconds... no dice. It was off to the shootout.

Tied 1-1 after three shooters, Grant Toulmin scored a nice goal on a back-end deke for Black. Kyle Bortis missed on his opportunity for White and that was it. 7-6 Team Black your final.

A few minor dust-ups in the 3rd. Ryan Molle caught Dale Wiese with a high and hard hit inside his own zone. Safe to say Wiese wasn't a fan. There was more vets on vets violence, Matt Tassone (who's played with an edge and short fuse all camp) wasn't too happy with his treatment in front of the net and went after Eric Doyle. The linesman would intervene and that was that. Chalk it up to two teams competing a bit harder in the third period.

Here's something else to ponder. That was the last time the Broncos will be on home ice for the next six weeks due to Civic Center renovations. The next 14 games both exhibition and regular season will be on the road.


I had a chat with Myles Rumsey has he continues to rehab his knee. He will attend the University of Manitoba and will eventually play with the Bisons. He admits life after junior hockey is different. For the last six years he's been at Broncos camp at this time of year.

I'll post a the text of the interview later on Wednesday.

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