Monday, April 23, 2007

Interesting Weekend

Lots of things going on this past weekend in the city, I hope everyone had a chance to get outside yesterday. It was amazing.

The Chinook Golf Club had their Nike Demo day, by all accounts, a lot of people came out to hit that new square driver. For the record, I have a friend who slices A LOT. It didn't help.

I had a chance to take to the pathway for about a 7k jog with Broncos Athletic Therapist Paul Ayotte. I guess I felt like punishing myself for having too much Fri/Sat.

It felt like hockey season this weekend with amount of players I ran into. I saw Bronco rookie Geordie Wudrick at the Cypress College Auction Extravaganza. He was helping out with the event. That was a GREAT event. A good time for everybody. Free drinks for the first 90 minutes was a brilliant idea to get everyone to loosen up the purse strings. I didn't buy anything, but I did my best to drive up the $$$ on a few items. The post-auction five-way frisbee toss may have gotten out of hand....oops. Great job by Switzer and Skip Neufeld as the Host/Auctioneer for the event.

Other players I ran into included locals Zack Smith and R.J. Larochelle, Brett Ward and Craig Cuthbert of the Saskatoon Blades, and Andrew Bailey of the Kootenay Ice.

Former Bronco Alex Lentowich is in town. The Bronco tough guy is doing some construction work at the Swift Current Mall as part of some contract work for his Cooke's Creek, Manitoba based business. We had a beer and reminisced about his time here and some of the better moments with the Broncos. He spent his last junior season in the MJHL with the Selkirk Steelers. He holds the MJHL record for most penalty minutes in one SHIFT. We're talking a couple major penalties, 10-minute misconduct, a double game misconduct and an array of minor penalties. Lentowich told me it's great to be back to catch-up with former billets and friends. He LOVED his time here.

Thanks to Ernie for his Levi Nelson update. Apparently the Broncos 18 year-old scored his first AHL goal on the weekend. Saturday night the Providence Bruins lost 4-2 in game two of their playoff series. Nelson scored in the third period. I betcha there isn't many 18 year-olds who have recorded a goal in the "A". Quite the accomplishment I must say. Remember, he still has TWO years left of junior hockey eligibility.

What a big game seven tonight in the NHL playoffs! Dallas tries to win their third straight against the Vancouver Canucks to complete the series comeback. Although not wanting to jinx my Stars, I like their chances. However anything can happen in a game seven. Win or lose tonight, the Stars have dominated this series and deserve to win. It doesn't mean they will but they have proven to be the better team in the first six games of this series. Canucks fans, I would like to hear if you agree or disagree with this?

How 'bout Canada's U-18 team crashing at the World Championships in Finland? They lost the bronze medal game to Sweden 8-3. Canada couldn't have really cared much after losing the semi-final to the U.S. As in most cases anything less than the gold medal is deemed a failure. Winning the bronze would have been little consolation. Broncos defenseman Eric Doyle was on the sqaud although I barely heard anything about him all tournament.

It's a back-to-work Monday morning....time to get at'er...



ernie said...

Wow, I can't wait for tonight, Jon. GO STARS GO!!

If it goes the other way, I'm prepared. The Stars have three shutouts, and come what come, Turco is no longer "the goalie who can't play in playoffs." Three shutouts! AMAZING! GO STARS GO!!!

Big Ern

Anonymous said...


Tell your "friend", that you can't buy a better golf game, a bad swing is a bad swing no matter what clubs you hit.

CJ in Portland

Jon Keen said...


What are you doing???

You never mention a shutout gameday or during the game!

Wow, this one's on you tonight if Vancouver pulls it off.

Ernie... bad karma!

ernie said...

Jon, if you believe in that stuff, go ahead! HAHA. I'm a big believer of the "don't step on the logo in the dressing room theory," but otherwise, I'm not very superstitious. HAHA. GO STARS GO!!

Big Ern