Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

I was planning on not posting this long weekend but thought I would throw a short one out.

The weather is fair...not warm though. I would love to hit the links but that won't be happening just yet.

The Broncos season is over but WHL playoffs continue on four avenues. Here's something I pulled off Switzer's blog. This is from LeaderPost sportswriter Greg Harder:

" The Medicine Hat Arena, in some respects, is simply a larger version of the Civic Center in Moose Jaw and the Centennial Civic Center in Swift Current. Each one is old, outdated and in desperate need of upgrades - or demolition".

Greg: Give it up. It's been done already (Rod P). You missed the boat, at least a week late on this one. Rob Vanstone, I know you read this, and you must just shake your head.

Looking forward to doing as little as possible right now. Hockey season is over and the decompression phase begins for a couple weeks. If I had a nickel for every time I heard "you must have some free time now that hockey season is over" I would have at least a buck by now.

Good to see Seattle beat Vancouver last night. Hopefully they can give the G-men a run in the 2nd round series. Yeomans vs Sexsmith.... easy choice there. Medicine Hat hosts Regina in game one tonight. I won't make it over there tonight, maybe Monday's game two.

Rod P, this one is for you. Don't even think of pulling any stunts in the Arena. You will not leave on your own strength. Just a warning. Tiger fans are a good way I guess. Plus Rids doesn't take any crap! Here's another one for you. The scoreclock's main power switch is just to your left in the broadcast booth. If the Pats ever need a timeout late in a game I'd suggest hitting the switch. It shuts the clock down and takes about a minute to get it up and running again. Many a times I've thought about it. Not because the Broncos needed a time out, just because of the homer shot-clock operators that love to pound the "home shots for" button. It's ridiculous sometimes. I don't think I could ever do it.... but I know you could/would.

Anyways, that's it for today.



Switzer said...

Hey Roddy, Jonny's right about Hat fans.

The worst thing Bronco fans will do is look at you angrily. Tiger fans vandalize stuff, will spit on you, swear at you and throw garbage. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Regan and the Rockets said...

I was wondering what that big power switch was all about in the broadcast booth?
I used to hang my heavy winter coat on that thing.
Now I know why everyone was gocking up at me!
Dave Andjelic (Tigers marketing guy) would run into the booth like a fire had started and would throw my jacket to the ground.
I just though he wasn't be a nice guy?

ernie said...

I just got back from Medicine Hat. The trip home was good.

I bought a ticket outside the door two hours before game time from a guy who just stood there. $20...face price. I guess I was lucky.

As far as the experience of seeing a game in the Arena, it's exactly how I pictured it. It was quieter than a tomb for most of the game. It takes something HUGE on the ice to get the fans going even just a little. Even when Tyler Ennis made an unbelievable move and went around THREE Pats defenders to score the eventual game-winning goal, the Arena just got loud for a second, and then quiet again. Their fans are spoiled. When Regina took a 1-0 lead early in the first, I heard some booing. It was for Matt Keetley (who gave the puck away) because I heard some fans swearing at him behind me. I was wearing my Broncos' coat nd hat, and got some wicked looks from most of the fans. Overall, it was the experience I thought it would be. The Tiger fans are used to winning every game. Lord knows what will happen when they get to a rebuilding stage, as early as next season. They will lose some fans for sure. The biggest problem, is getting out of the parking lot. It's an awful setup. I managed to get out, and drive home though. LOL

Here's my prediction: Tigers in five.

Big Ern

Tucker said...

Whats with that retarded scoreclock in Medicine Hat? Flashing in and out? That is ridiculous...anyone know why it does that?

Jon Keen said...

It may appear that way on the webcast but it doesn't actually flash on and off. It's the reflection and the brightness of the rotating advertising board below that makes it appear that way.

Anonymous said...

Ernie, it hurts to read what you say sometimes.