Thursday, April 12, 2007

War of Words Continues. ***Update - Chynoweth Fuming***

So this on going debate Joyce vs .... everyone seems shows no signs of letting up. Both sides are entrenched in their views and both continue to fire away.

I've spent the last couple days talking to community members who were involved with the team back then, were friends with the families and four players, etc. They are all telling me the same thing - they're irate with Joyce's article "Denial of Death".

Through all of this, I think Joyce is actually liking the attention this is bringing upon him. I read a solid quote on Rod Pedersen's blog today "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it." Not RP's words - they were from a posted news story.

This debate has done one thing, it's brought plenty of traffic to Keen's Korner. The last three days the blog hit have doubled, nearly tripled. Granted this isn't the best scenario but it shows me people really care what's going on. People want to make their voice heard. Some have told me they want to contact, I'm sure some have. I doubt it would to little good though. The editors there probably would be standing behind their reporter. They would more than likely get their backs up in a situation like this. If anyone even gets a response I would love to see it.

I talked with Broncos Head Coach and G.M. Dean Chynoweth today. He had A LOT to say. I will post a transcript of our chat Friday morning. He's upset and for good reason.


JK: Dean, you've seen the article, it's been out a few days now. What was your reaction when you saw it?

DC: I was extremely disappointed. I think it's been known we made Mr. Joyce extremely comfortable when he was here and opened up our dressing room to him with full access. He travelled with us, he was in some of our meetings. we helped set up who to talk to. I was under an impression in talking to him before he came out to do his interviews that the article was going to entail the anniversary of the bus crash but more importantly how Swift Current has progressed and moved forward in the last 20 years and that we're still surviving in one of the smallest markets in the CHL.

JK: Swift Current as a community has really come under attack here. What's your thoughts on that?

DC: Well, they've dealt with a lot worse things than this and have done a tremendous job of moving forward and putting it behind them - not neglecting it but putting it behind us and making our organization and our community a lot stronger than it may have been through some of those tougher times. Outside the's (Joyce article) an opinion and you get a lot of different opinions from different people but I think it will slowly go away and I know from my standpoint that I've learned moving forward is that you have to be very careful who you open up your work to.

JK: There seems to be a lot of personal attacks and names mentioned. How does that make you feel?

DC: That's very tough and that's tough to watch. A family like the Mcbeans who have been mentioned numerous times over the years I can tell you first hand with the amount of work we do with them that they are first class people. They've endured their own tragedy at different times and the way they have been solid members of the community and within the organization I can't say enough about them. Colleen Macbean was honored a year ago with a WHL distinguished service award and that's not a one time thing, that's somebody that's put in and given a lot of time in their life to a community owned team, to a team who is developing a lot of young men not only on the ice but off. I just think that's a tragedy when that happens.

JK: What about the general thought in the article that Swift Current hasn't done enough to honor the four Broncos who died in the bus crash in 1986?

DC: Everybody deals with it differently and everybody has moved on. Not denied it, not underplayed it by any means. There's a lot of other areas where we still honour them, there's a trophy in the league named after them, we wear the four-leaf clover on our jersey every time we step on the ice. Those guys are not forgotten by any means, and not only in Swift Current but league wide.


Through all of this, there is a little bit of team news that has been forgotten. Defenseman Eric Doyle (pictured left) was held pointless in a 7-2 Canadian win over Germany today at the U-18 World Championships in Finland. Doyle and Canada are back on the ice Saturday when they play Latvia.

Broncos 18 year-old forward Levi Nelson is poised to make his pro hockey debut at some point this weekend with the Providence Bruins of the AHL. I'll track down how he's doing/did playing with the big boys.

Congratulations to fellow Lanigan-ite Sheldon Brookbank for capturing the "Eddie Shore Award" as the American Hockey League's top defenseman. The news came out earlier this afternoon. Those who have been reading the blog for awhile will remember the "Foley Crescent Crusher" post from a couple months ago. Good job Bill.

I was down at the Fairview Arena this afternoon for the opening game of the Western Shield "AAA" midget female Championships. I was impressed. The future of womens hockey in Canada looks bright for many years to come. These girls were really going at it. I was impressed with how well they competed and battled. Good luck to our Diamond Energy Wildcats this weekend. I'm hosting the awards banquet Saturday night, maybe we'll see some of you folks there.

Check back Friday AM for Chynoweth's take on Joyce. Deano usually doesn't care or is bothered by what the media has to say....he understands they have a job to do. Not this time.



Jeff said...

Hey Jon, the next time Mr. Joyce brings up his "no mistakes" routine, bring out this article with quotes from Chynoweth...

Anonymous said...

You guys are giving this Gare guy too much attention. Lets forget about his filth and slander and work towards this not ever happening again. Someone could tell Hugh Henry to get his off his artsy fartsy left wing ass and put up some Bronco stuff in that museum of his ! That is pathetic, and I know damn well that it is personal preference that is keeping that stuff out of there. There is one area covered. Secondly, we should all get more involved with the organization, everyone who can voice an oppinion on this blog, or switzers or the WHL fan zone can sure as hell show up or shut up to the meetings. Right? Maybe we shouldn't allow this sort of thing to ever happen again, if some outsiders view is the way it is, regardless of it being that douche bag Gare or not. We didn't do enough at the ceremony, we don;t have squat in the museum, I don't see what we are hounding Mr. Joyce for, lets do some stuff. Does anyone have anything worth donating to the museum? Lets get to work. I'm embaressed of that article, but we can only sit around and bitch about it for so long, the only thing that is going to change, is us and our attitudes. Sorry for the shotty spelling Jon, but please don't give this guy any more attention. The Booster did it's thing, Dean said his peace, let the article fade in to obscurity.

ernie said...


YAAYY!!!! The Stars lead everything early in Vancouver, including 1-0 on the scoreclock. A lot of hockey left, but my Stars are sure looking good tonight! LOL I hope to watch it continue.

I'm headed for Calgary tomorrow morning. A friend of mine is going to the airport to pick up his son, and invited me along. I'm going to be home at approximately 10:00 PM, I hope.

The games in Providence are all available to listen or watch online at I guess I'll miss tomorrow night's game. Levi will likely play tomorrow night so I was planning to lisen, but.... I can listen Sunday too, I guess. Anyway, GO NELSON GO. HAHA.

It seems like CBC is having technical difficulties with their cast from Vancouver. It's ticking me off a little. Stars were up 1-0 when it shut down. GO STARS GO!

Oh, the Regina Pats are down 2-0 to the Medicine Hat Tigers in game four. I would say that series will be over by the end of the night.

Jon, I really like the way Deano has responded to the article from ESPN. He seems ticked right off. I hope they sign him again. It looks like that's going to happen. GO DEANO GO!! HAAHAHA!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Big Ern

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I have to agree with the last comment. While Joyce's article was a blindside attack on the Broncos, families, etc. continuing to give him attention serves no purpose. From what I've gathered, he feels that there is no reason to apologize for the article. Continuing to argue won't change his mind, and can serve no further purpose. Let Joyce go back to his life and fade into obscurity... I, for one, would prefer never to hear of/about/from him ever again. On a totally different note, why the hell isn't there any Bronco memorabilia in the museum? They're such a big part of the community, it makes sense to have some kind of display.