Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Joyce Takes Heat, Arling Comments on Chynoweth's Contract

Boy, a lot has happened in the last 24 hours.

This ESPN.com article from Gare Joyce (see below) has ruffled a lot of feathers across the Western Hockey League. I would still appreciate your comments after you take a look at the article (link is below).

There has been A LOT of people that have stepped forward to support the community and it's people after they were both bombarded in this piece. Joyce has responded to some of the criticism on Switzer's blog. I think Ryan has posted a GREAT reply. Check it out.

I wasn't part of Swift Current in 1986, I knew hardly anything about the bus crash before moving here in 1999. I did do so some research in December and put together a 16 minute audio feature on the bus crash entitled "Triumph over Tragedy". I was honoured to hear our company nominated it for an RTNDA award for this summer's national meetings.

For those who haven't heard it. Here's the audio link. This is how we chose as a radio station to pay tribute to the events from 20 years ago.


Shifting gears now.... Chairman of the Board of Directors Joe Arling is throwing his support behind a contract renewal for Head Coach and General Manager Dean Chynoweth. Arling says we're in the midst of a five year plan and he wants to see it through. He says they could have something in place in the next two to three weeks. I'll post a Q and A transcript from our interview tomorrow.


The Broncos Hall of Fame ceremony has been bumped up a couple months this summer. The annual event usually held in August will be in late June. I've been asked to help out again this season and I'm excited about the two inductees going in. It's under wraps right now....stay tuned!


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