Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Impressive Response

First up, it's some late night blogging due to the Stars/Canucks overtime marathon on the first night of playoffs. My Stars always seem to keep up past midnight in the post-season. I'm just not one of those people that can go to bed not knowing the end result. It's headed into triple o.t an it looks like both teams are playing for the shootout...great. So, I'll suffer tomorrow. The longer this game goes I don't like the Stars chances...or mine.

Given the circumstances, It's not the best scenario but Bronco fans and longtime members of this community have stepped up to shoot down this article from Gare Joyce. You want the proof... check the comments below. A lot of thoughts, a lot of emotion.

Switzer has some great responses on his blog in the comments section. I encourage you to click the link on the right side.

photo from -(Susan Bourette)
Is this the most loathed media personnel in the team's history? (Joyce pictured left) Not sure on that one, but no doubt in my time here. I've heard some stories of some national reporters in the midst of the bus crash tragedy. They're not pleasant at all.

I have talked to and heard some things about the people who were featured in the article and their feelings now after reading the article. I won't share our conversation(s) yet. I plan to e-mail Joyce in confidence to pass along the information.

I'm impressed with the Bronco community who have stood up for their team, their town, their way of life.

I still plan to post the Q and A I had with Joe Arling about the potential renewal of Dean Chynoweth's contract. I will post that once things settle a bit. For now, I don't see that happening.


Someone had left a comment asking about Levi's status in Providence. I know he's there. He may not be on the roster yet but I'll be checking this weekend to see if he takes to the ice in one of the three P-Bruins games this weekend.


Tigers took a commanding 3-0 series lead with Regina tonight. Former SC Legionnaire and recently signed Columbus Blue Jacket prospect Derek Dorsett had the o.t. winner on the powerplay. P.G. has evened their series with Everett, so has Brandon with Calgary. Vancouver took a 3-1 series advantage with a 3-1 win in Seattle.

More tomorrow/later today.



Anonymous said...

Everyone should check out the Booster, Thursday, April 12th edition. There is a story about the article. "Broncos irate with negative portrayal by ESPN". Dean is not a happy camper.

Jon Keen said...

I would have to agree. I've talked with Dean on this issue. To say he's po'ed would be an understatement.

I'll post some of his comments tomorrow.

ernie said...

What a turmoil this asshole has stirred up, heh? (Excuse my language.) But I can't believe it. I still cannot believe Joyce is considered a professional. He acts like a 12-year-old! Seriously.

As far as our Dallas Stars go Jon, I think it's far from over. The Stars had something like 73 shots on goal, and when Sedin finally scored, it was 1:30 our time. The game was getting boring. The guys were tired. A big positive though. I think Marty Turco has finally come to play in playoffs. Granted, he gave up four goals in 60 minutes,and one or two weak ones, but was right back at it once the Stars tied it up for him. He played the puck like he can, and made some abseloutely HUGE saves. This will turn out to be a great series, no matter what. I think the Stars have a good chance if they can get the split in Vancouver. GO STARS GO!

And hey Jon.... your update on Levi.... I talked to him today. He is in Providence, and he is SO PUMPED!! LOL He will be dressed for Saturday's game, and Sunday's game. He will get some shifts on special teams with the Bruins. I sure hope it goes well for him. I think he's definitely deserving of it.

Tomorrow is Friday already. YAAYY!!! Have a good weekend everyone.

Big Ern