Friday, April 27, 2007

Golf and Playoffs!

That's on the menu today....

In fact a few of us just got done a quick 18 at the Chinook. Next up Medicine Hat, game five. I'll post some thoughts on the game tomorrow morning.

We'll see who we run into at the 'Hat.

I can taste Montanas.

Hey a couple others have entered the blogosphere.....

Bronco fan Willis On the Welfare sent me an e-mail yesterday wanting me to post his blog link here it is. . Also Broncos regional scout based in Brandon Mike Fraser has fired up Fraser's Phrases. You can find that at This blog phenomena just keeps getting bigger and better.

Gotta go, flight's leavin'



Fraze29 said...

Keener you need to be better at answering your messages at work!

Mole said...

No preview of the World Hockey Championships yet? Maybe it is because you agree with me that Canada will not even make the semi-finals. Anyways hear are my medal predictions:

1. Russia
2. Sweden
3. Finland

Your thoughts?

Jon Keen said...

World Hockey Championships?

Does anyone care about this? With the Olympics and the World Cup this tournament is a waste. It's not the best players and no one really wants to go.

Not even interested Moler.

pat from regina said...

Very poor form keener! Think about those boys wearing the Maple Leaf on their chest. Sure they could be out on the golf course or watching junior hockey someplace, but no they are giving it their all and guys like Mole and I do care! By the way big win today. Good Canadian kid Jamal Mayers gets a couple.

Mole if Jon-Boy isn't going to keep his faithful following up dated, how about you keeping everyone informed?

See you in a couple of weeks Mole. As long as the Mole Hole isn't under water.