Monday, April 23, 2007

The Kiss of Death

A comment from earlier today:

ernie said...
Wow, I can't wait for tonight, Jon. GO STARS GO!!If it goes the other way, I'm prepared. The Stars have three shutouts, and come what come, Turco is no longer "the goalie who can't play in playoffs." Three shutouts! AMAZING! GO STARS GO!!!

Ok, every fan knows this is the kiss of death right here. Can anyone else spot it? Call me superstitious, but as soon as this came to me, the Stars were doomed. Ernie, Ernie, Ernie.

Good night,


ernie said...

Superstition has nothing to do with it. There are probably one million other fans who said the same thing today.

Great effort for the Stars, and Marty Turco. Too bad it ended like it did.

I feel awful emptiness right now.

Big Ern

Wolfey said...

I thought the game was a great one. I feel bad that the Stars lost, wait a minute I don't feel bad at all. CANUCKS all the WAY!

Have a good one Braa

Jon Keen said...


Are you telling me you actually watched a playoff game?


Hey you still have 8 teams left for the 2nd round.

Anonymous said...

ernie keener is right you never say SHUTOUT. I'm not even a Stars supporter

ernie said...

And no, I'm not a "rookie fan." Like Jon, and the other handful of Stars' fans in this area, I've been in this situation with the Stars season after season...after season...the last three years. The only year I celebrated, was of course back in 1999, when my Stars won the cup. But yes, I know this situation. It's very famaliar.

Big Ern

Mole said...

Ernie, you are clearly the cause for the loss. "Shutout" is the biggest jinx in hockey. I am sure if you hadn't said the dreaded word, the Stars would have won. But thanks anyways, due to this slip up, I have all 12 of my guys going through to the next round in my hockey draft.

Word from the wise - don't anger the hockey gods.

Mole said...

Tough luck Jay Jay, your teams only went 8 and 8 in the first round, and experts are predicting that your teams will lose 4 series next round. Tough luck buddy.

Dono said...

Tsk, tsk Ernie. Committing one of hockey's biggest no-no's. Oh well, I'm not to disappointed to see the Stars out of the playoffs.

Go Sharks Go.

Wolfey said...

Moler, I may lose 4 rounds but that means I win 4 rounds.

I wouldn't blame Ernie, it was gonna happen anyways. The better was sure to win.

Believe it or not Keener, I watch more than the playoffs, you gotta remember, not much to do in Kindersley.

Jon Keen said...

Hey you could a head a couple hours south to swifty...bring your golf clubs.

Corey said...

WAIT A MINUTE ! Doesn't Ernie say that about the Broncos too !! ERNIE !!! now we know what happened! Just Kiddin' ya big Ern, Love it Loud buddy !