Sunday, April 15, 2007

Joyce Continues Crusade

It seems ol' Gare continues to spew on things where he clearly is in over his head. The verbal salvo remains a fixture over at Switzer's blog. Click the link to the right "Switzer's Blog" to get the latest.

Gare, I too have chosen not to publish some comments deemed a little over the top in regards to bashing you. You don't deserve that kind of moderation on this site after some of your choice words earlier in the week but I'll grant it to you.

I did receive a forwarded e-mail from yourself from a high-school student in NJ. The e-mail was about Graham James - not about the bus crash so I thought it wouldn't exactly add to this debate. I have posted ALL of your own words - I'm sure much to your displeasure looking back. I have received several e-mails from people who have contacted ESPN with links to this site and your quotes.

What gives you the credibility to take a run at Switzer? Here's a guy who was born and raised in this community. Has been involved with the team on several levels dating back to the time he was a stick-boy with the franchise at the age of 13. He's plugged in to the community, knows the background of this team like the back of his hand and doesn't need to do "research" when engaging in a debate about the past.

And so it continues....

Broncos forward Levi Nelson has yet to play this weekend in Providence. Called up earlier this week, Nelson has been a scratch for the Friday and Saturday game. The Bruins play one more game this afternoon to close off the weekend. We'll see if he gets into the line-up.


I couldn't believe that wild comeback at the Everett Events Center last night! With the 'Tips of 3-0 over Prince George heading into the 3rd period, the Cougars went to work scoring at the three, eight and nine minute mark to even the game. A PG powerplay goal with about 12 minutes to play turned out to be the game winner - the series heads up north for game six tomorrow night.

You have to be po'ed if your a Flames fan today. I just finished watching the 1st period of game two in their series with Detroit... what was that 7 penalties in the first 10 minutes? The Flames are lucky it's only 2-0 after the first.

Finally got on the golf course Friday afternoon. A group of us headed up to Sask Landing )half hour north of SC). The course didn't suffer any winter-kill and is in really good shape. Granted, the entire course is brown but the greens roll true and it's about as good as conditions as you could hope for in mid April. I suffered another classic back nine blow-up. Hunch retained the title firing a solid 83. Not bad for the first time out. For the local golf fans, I heard the Chinook opened up nine holes this weekend. The Elmwood is still shooting for next weekend.

Most everyone I know is hockey draft crazy right now. This is the time of the playoffs where everyone has a shot. The action quiets down a little once people start losing half their team after the 1st round. Our station put together 11 participants. I'm heavy Buff/Nash/Det/Dal with a little help from Ott and NJ. Switzer has put all his eggs in the Vancouver Canuck, New York Ranger baskets. If the Stanley Cup final is circa 1994 - Switzer will take it all. Can't see it though.

Time to try and get something accomplished on this Sunday...



dave said...

Hey Jon I was just wondering if you had any update on Myles Rumsey.

ernie said...

I know you're laughing at my "Levi updates" Jon. HAHA! I said he would play Saturday, but I guess he didn't play last night. They had to get one more point to clinch a playoff spot, and won 2-0. Now that it's clinched, he sounded almost completely sure he would go tonight. I hope he does..we'll see. That's fine, keep chuckling Jon. LOL

I was in Calgary yesterday. I decided I want to be there three days, and not just five hours, like yesterday. There is so much to see. We stopped at the Saddledome, but couldn't view the inside of the arena, because it's closed during the day. I was a bit po'd, but I checked out where the Broncos enter when they visit there. That was good. I want to tour the zoo some day, and do a bunch of other stuff. I'll get there. In cowtown, it's "go BIG, or go home." Everything....and I mean HUMONGOUS!! Not for me. Maybe, but I have to finish soaking up Swifty first. LOL

Wow, can you believe how bad the Everett Silvertips blew it last night??!!??!!!! Better yet, imagine ole' Kevin Constantine after that one!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA!!!!!

I am sure pumped to watch the Vancouver/Dallas game later today! I think my Stars will be fine. I hope Marty can continue being as brilliant as he was in game two. I can't wait!! GO STARS GO!!!

Big Ern

ernie said...

YAAYY!!! IT'S OFFICIAL! The Providence Bruins are through the first period at the "Dunkin' Donuts Centre," (HAHA...what a name for a rink!) and LEVI is IN THE LINEUP!! WOO HOO!!! haha. GO PROVIDENCE GO!! LOL

Big Ern

Jon Keen said...

Yes I do have an update and the news isn't good. I'll wait and check if it's ok to run with.

ernie said...

I sure hope Myles will be fine eventually. He is such a character guy, and a long-time Bronco. Hoping for the best.

On the other hand, next time my Dallas Stars hit overtime in playoffs, I'm going to bed. The Stars are 1 and 8 in their last nine playoff overtime appearances, and have lost another OT meeting 2-1 with Vancouver just now. For me, it's extremely frustrating. I rest assured on one thing: This year, it aint' Marty Turco's fault. The guy has played amazing. And it's a 2-1 series. Things can change fast. GO STARS GO!

Big Ern

Jon Keen said...

Ernie, I feel your pain. The last five Stars playoff losses have been in OT. Three straight losses to Colorado last year and then two this year to Van.