Monday, May 24, 2010

Tuesday Update....

Welcome back after the long weekend...

How did you spend your long weekend? If you're reading this in Saskatchewan then I would venture a guess you spent most of it indoors.....

Bronco F Cody Eakin spent the weekend on the ice. Can you believe he's still playing hockey? All of his teammates have been shutdown for two months now.

Eakin and the Hershey Bears advanced to the AHL's Calder Cup final with a 3-2 overtime win over Manchester Saturday to win the Eastern Conference.

Eakin played in the game but saw limited action.
The Bears now play the winner of the Hamilton/Texas series in the Calder Cup final.

He turned 19 yesterday.


The bad weekend weather allowed me to watch the Memorial Cup Final between Brandon and Windsor.

At times, I really couldn't believe what I was watching. It seemed very surreal to see Brandon down by that much.

As Windsor went on to the convincing 9-1 win, at least you could say the best team in junior hockey this year won the Memorial Cup. No one will question this one.

Congratulations to Windsor... and to both Brandon and Calgary as well.

The Leader Post's Greg Harder (Slapshots blog on the right) reported this weekend about former Warrior General Manager Chad Lang in talks with both the Broncos and Regina Pats to join their management staff.

The Broncos have been talking with Chad for quite some time now, I don't think that's a secret. Regina arrived on the scene late with Brent Parker stepping down as General Manager recently.

Who knows where Chad will end up this season but it's safe to say it will be somewhere in the Western Hockey League.


Bronco F Taylor Vause was back in the city this weekend to be an Ambassador for the JDRF

Here's a story Shandra Ward did from our GWR newsroom.


Although I haven't played video games in awhile, I think I may have to start again after seeing the recent news involving a partnership between the CHL and EA Sports.

The makers of the popular NHL series video game will incorporate all 60 CHL teams, player likenesses, logos and league structure.

Even the hard-core gamers out there think this is cool.

Great work by the CHL to get this done. Talk about a good recruiting tool. Every kid would love the opportunity to play themselves in a video game. Now they'll get this chance.

It'll be available in September.

I think people would be surprised at how much WHL'ers play video games. It's easily the biggest past time with the Broncos.


Spent the weekend at Fishing Lake (near Wadena, SK). It was our annual Fins and Skins challenge although nasty weather halted action Saturday afternoon for good.

Our group got 13 holes in and didn't even get a line in the water. Hurricane force wins took over with rain and cool weather.

Anyways, here's some pics...

The above shot is the 5th hole at Kelvington Golf Club. I was surprised by the course up there. I would recommend it to anyone traveling in the East-Central part of the province.

A sign that reads "Kelvington: Canada's Hockey Factory" greets you as you drive near the course. A picture featuring Wendel Clark, Barry Melrose, and the Kocur brothers greets you.

Not to take anything away from Kelvington but who have they produced into the NHL the last 20 years?

Perhaps I'm overlooking somebody.

Anyways, they have a nice golf course. If you know of any other Kelvington-born NHL'ers
please leave a comment.

Back to the lake.... this is a shot off the front deck of my friend's cabin.

Doesn't look much like a Saskatchewan lake...

The waves actually swept the neighbor's new dock away. Anyone with plans this weekend probably has a similar story of weather-related issues.


It's a short work-week. I hope to track down Bronco Hall of Fame inductees Jason Krywulak and Todd McLellan at some point for comment.

Have a good week,



Anonymous said...

Too Bad Evan Richardson won't be coming to the Broncos. He won't be able to be in a video game. Maybe he can creat the Victoria Grizzly Bears and give himself sick attributes.

O said...

Why would the Broncos be interested in Lang? Lamb bite off more than he can handle? I see prices going up for salaries.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious of the same thing regarding the Broncos being interested in Lang. Not saying he's a bad choice with his experience in the dub but who are the other possible options the Broncos are looking at?

Tyler said...

Perhaps Sheldon Fergeson could be given a consideration. He is currently the assistant GM for the Broncos isn't he?

O said...

What experience does Lang have in the dub besides MJ? Am I missing something?