Friday, May 21, 2010


Photo courtesy Sal Robertson

Here's a pic of Cody Eakin in the Hershey Bears chocolate and white as they say. Eakin was scratched last night in game five of the AHL Eastern Conference Final. Hershey defeated Manchester 3-2 in OT to take a 3-2 series lead.


Enjoy your long weekend,



Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, don't know if you are much of a gamer. But surely you have to be excited in hearing that the CHL will be included in NHL 11.

Tyler said...

I had a small read in a Leader Post article regarding the fact that the vacant Regina Pats GM position is a shorter list than people think (Chad Lang appearing to be high on that list) . A short little comment in there consisted of a comment regarding the fact that the Broncos own Mark Lamb wants to focus more on coaching and a possible GM could be named (they mentioned Chad Lang in that part as well)...I know I've been asking lots of questions and such but this one I thought for sure I'd mention. Here is the link...

Jon Keen said...

Tyler, the Broncos have been talking with Chad long before Brent Parker stepped down. We will see what shakes out of the tree in the coming weeks.