Monday, May 17, 2010


The Broncos were busy this past week on the "News Release" front... I don't expect that to continue this week. With that said, there's still one more announcement pending in the coming days or weeks.For now, it's the off-season and things are pretty quiet.

I plan to get a hold of Jason Krywulak this week to talk to him about his Hall of Fame selection. The Bronco top scorer back in the early 90's will go into the Broncos Hall of Fame this July with former Head Coach / General Manager Todd McLellan.

I'll bug Todd after the playoffs... right now he's got bigger things to deal with, like winning the Stanley Cup.


People have been asking about Joe Sakic getting into the Bronco Hall of Fame in the future. It's not for lack of effort on the Broncos side. When the timing works one summer ahead, he'll be in and it will be a huge weekend. Guaranteed.


Broncos F Cody Eakin is back in Winnipeg. He's been down with Hershey of the AHL since the end of Bronco season. The Bears are in the Conference finals for the Calder Cup. Cody has been relegated to press box duties since the end of the regular season.

Late last week, Hershey sent him home. I trust he gained valuable experience being around the pro game for over a month.

Looking ahead to next season, from a selfish perspective I'm scared the Capitals could potentially keep Cody as a bargain 4th liner with all their high salaries. He could fit in well with their cap space.

If that's the case, I'd wish Cody well knowing he's ready for the next step in his career.

Another year in junior would mean big things for him though. A run at a scoring title, a chance to wear the "C" and a shot at World Junior gold with Canada.

It's a win-win for the kid.


I haven't caught much Memorial Cup action lately. I was happy to see Brandon rebound with a 4-0 win over Moncton. Brandon is 1 and 1 and pretty much secures a playoff spot with that win. Windsor beating Moncton would lock that up.

Calgary and Brandon still have to play. We will see if that game turns out to mean anything or not.

I still contend Brandon is going to win the thing but they are going to need some saves. That's the only way my prediction is going to hold out.

It does sound like Brandon. MB is the place to be this week though.


Don Cherry was good the other night on Coaches Corner. One of my favorite "Cherryisms" is the "act like you've done it before" rant.

When you score a goal...act like you've scored in the past and will score again. He was referencing the Habs Mike Cammalleri and his subtle goal celebrations.

All this glass rolling/jumping" and "fly-bys" in the WHL is a bit much.

Some exceptions can be made... anything goes for an overtime winner... well almost anything.


The Pats Rod Pedersen is stepping back from play-by-play duties to focus more on a sports talk show.

Before all the Junior "A" guys fire off their tape and resume to CKRM and the Pats.... they have their plan in place already. You don't make that type of move and not have everything figured out in advance.

I'll let them announce it though.

I go way back with the "new guy"... back to the Lethbridge radio college days and some Shaw TV work.


Awesome weekend for golf in southwest Saskatchewan. My friend and morning co-host Chance Duperreault had his bachelor party this weekend. Our travels led us to Sage Brush Golf Club in Riverhurst, SK.

Talk about some small town fun.

Fellow radio guy Chris Martens snapped this pic as we stood on the elevated tee-box on the 8th.

I like the angry prairie sky in the background as we get into the evening hours.

Looks like I'm contemplating hitting the driver or perhaps gearing down with the three wood. Not sure.


The question I'm getting around town lately is if I know new Bronco Assistant Coach Darren Evjen.

I've met him a couple times in the past. The one season five or six years ago I spoke to him quite a bit when Bronco prospects Travis Yonkman and Kyle Bortis were playing with the Saskatoon Contacts of the Sask "AAA" midget league.

I've seen him around town in the summer months over the years as well.

So there you go.....


That's all I have for this Monday.... the long weekend is dead ahead,

Have a good week,



Anonymous said...

"there's still one more announcement pending in the coming days or weeks." The first thing I thought of was player related...Evan Richardson possibly committing to the Broncos? I also know you won't comment on that but just throwing it out there.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that with Rod leaving the WHL the shameless self promoting blogging will continue here.

Jon Keen said...

Thanks for making Keen's Korner a regular stop