Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More with Mark Lamb and Darren Evjen

The Broncos held a small media gathering to officially announce their new assistant coach.

Head Coach / General Manager Mark Lamb spoke to reporters in the lobby of the Credit Union i-plex.

"I've known Darren for a long time...we grew up together. He's coached in Saskatoon, he's a school teacher. When he came available I thought he'd be a very good fit," said Lamb.

He feels it's important to have another local product be part of things.

" It's been a great experience for me coming back and joining the community. Darren and his wife are from here. She has a lot of family here. The more you can bring people back into the community the better."

At this point Lamb isn't sure what roles Evjen will handle with the team but he plans to make it significant.

"I'm at the point now where I would really like my assistant coach to take a huge part of the team. Whether it be penalty kill, powerplay, game-day prep, pre-scouting... I know with my relationship with Darren that he'd be very good at any of those things."


I spoke with Darren after the conference via telephone:

"It's great, I'm really excited about the opportunity to be a part of a great tradition," commented Evjen.

He talked about the relationship between himself and Broncos Head Coach/GM Mark Lamb.

"We've known each other awhile. In the summer we would sit and talk some X and O's when I was coaching both with the Saskatoon ("AAA" Midget) Contacts and in Notre Dame (SJHL), we would go back and forth talking and it just kind of led to this opportunity."

He feels he has some assets he can bring to the team.

"I think I've always been known as a good communicator with my players. I believe that's real important. You're trying to help them on where they want to go in hockey and life and you have to make them good people and good hockey players."

Making the jump to the Western Hockey League isn't intimidating.

"I think hockey is hockey. I've been fortunate to be given some opportunities in midget, in the SJHL and in Moose Jaw in the WHL. I also helped out to gain experience with an Allan Cup team. What I've found is players are players and systems are systems but it's how you work with each individual player and how you motivate them and motivate them as a team."

Evjen will be on the job effective July 1st.

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