Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Broncos 25th Anniversary Logo

The new design incorporates the colours and logos from the past 25 years. The logo features the colours of the past and present.

Darlene Regier of Swift Current and Isaac John Anderson of Frontier were the design co-winners of the logo contest. Darlene’s idea was to include the current Bronco head and mesh it with the horseshoe logo from 1986 while using the colours of 1999’s logo. Isaac’s idea was the banner and shield at the bottom of the logo with the “25” inside.

The winners will receive a replica third jersey, the Broncos private suite for a night and they will get to drop the puck when the Broncos unveil their third jersey’s next season.

The Broncos would like to thank all those who made submissions in the logo contest, as over 100 entries were sent in either via the Southwest Booster or at The Stable.

The Anniversary Logo will be used at at centre ice, as a jersey patch on the Broncos’ jerseys and on all promotional material.


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Tyler said...

I actually like it as well...I'm also curious (and not related to the 25th Anniversary logo) if there is any news on the status of Evan Richardson and whether or not he'll be in Swift Current to play with the Broncos or go NCAA route. It would be awesome if he came.

Jon Keen said...

Haven't heard anything new.