Monday, August 24, 2009

White Pummels Black 9-3

17 year-old F Michael Hay scored three times and added two assists in a 9-3 romp for Team White.  Hay showed good finish and living up to his billing as a top scorer in "AAA" midget.  He played last season with the Manitoba champion Winnipeg Thrashers.

The thing I like most about Hay?  He acts like he's scored before.  I've always held that in high regard when evaluating players.  

The coaching staff and personnel have some tough decisions to make and that's always a good thing.  It's going to be a long night at the Broncos office.

I also can't stop raving about the 94's.  This group is fast, skilled and hard-working. I was asked if I noticed Brody Pollard.  Tonight I took notice and he impressed me as well.  You can add him into that 94 group loaded with potential I mentioned a few posts down.

Tomorrow morning I'll post a scoring summary from the Intersquad game.




CJ said...

Hey Keener how come no richardson/Lazo(college route?)/Giovannantonio/Nicholas Kobelka/allistair chapman? i didn't see any of these guys any word on them? PS i agree on the 15 year olds they all look fairly decent really like the size and play of howorko --> CJ

Jon Keen said...

I'm not sure on those guys. Some had told the club going in they had to leave after Sunday for various reasons. Chapman is no longer listed I believe. I try to stay out of that side for the most part.