Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day One in the Books

A very impressive opening day of Swift Current Broncos Training Camp is complete.

All five teams got on the ice for a practice and then there was a pair of scrimmages at 4pm and 7pm. I have to say I'm real happy with the speed and skill on display.

It's been the Broncos make-up over the past few seasons and it looks like it will continue for at least the next few seasons ahead. The group of '94's (15 year-olds) looks strong.

Here's a few thoughts of the top of my head.

- Geordie Wudrick dominated the early game. The 19 year-old forward probably picked up five points including a trio of goals in a game that would be settled in a shoot-out (he scored the shoot-out winner too). There was a bit of feisty play when Dillon Wagner came over to give Wudrick a shot for throwing his weight around in the contest. Wudrick needs to play with that edge this season. I know the club has been impressed so far with his play. The trick will be to keep it going all season.

- Great crowd on hand for the early scrimmage. Most were parents but there was some fans in the building as well.

- 17 year-old forward Dane Muench (2007 bantam draft) was the player to watch in the late scrimmage. The small, skilled forward made something happen most every time he was on the ice. He played with a bit of a chip on his shoulder too. I think he has more to give too. He's a player to watch as camp continues. His play carried Team Blue to a 7-1 win.

- 15 year-old Shea Horowko scored a nice goal for Team Grey in the late scrimmage. It looks like the 2nd round bantam pick has a lot of the tools to be a good player.

- Former Calgary Hitmen Head Coach and new Calgary Flames Assistant Dave Lowry is at camp. He's watching his son Adam compete for a spot. The 16 year-old was up with the club to get a taste last season.

- There are several bloodlines at camp. I hope to round them all up and post them at some point.

- All try and post some quotes from Broncos Director of Player Personnel Jamie Porter as well as some candid remarks from Geordie Wudrick following the early scrimmage.

Day two scrimmages begin at 1pm Friday.



Rock said...

Hey Keener:

17 year-old forward Dane Muench (2007 bantam draft) was the player to watch in the late scrimmage.

Was this the kid with the Ron Duguay hair hanging out of his helmet? He was wearing a Bronco helmet?? I thought they had his name spelled Meiller on the list sheet. He was decent but I agree seemed to have a chip and certainly didn't put in any extra effort when he didn't want to. Seems fairly skilled though.

Anonymous said...

muench is a great prospect who could be an 80-90 point guy in the league as an 18 year old. very special vision and ability. needs to play with skilled players. howorko is also the complete real deal. he will be a captain at some point.


Anonymous said...

Keen how did Brody pollard (15yr old) look?

Jon Keen said...

Sorry, I have no info on Pollard.