Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scoring Recap / Lamb and Hay Quotes

Here's a look at the scoring summary for last night's Black/White game...

Team White 9

Goals: Michael Hay (3), Geordie Wudrick (2), Cody Eakin, Brandon Bruce, Justin Dowling, Liam Darragh.

Assists: Hay (2), Wudrick (2), Liam Darragh (2), Brandon Bruce, Cody Eakin, Adam Lowry, Preston Amundson, Andy Blanke, Justin Dowling, Bryce Perpelitz, Reece Scarlett, Graeme Craig, Nathan Zimbaluk.

Goalies: Andrew Hunt, Chad Ketting (shots/saves unavailable)

Team Black 3

Goals: Dylan Moore, Dane Muench, Mike Brown

Assists: Dillon Wagner,Taylor Vause, Jordan Peddle

Goalies: Alexandre Sirard, Austin Smith (shots/saves unavailable)


I spoke with Michael Hay post-game. The 17 year-old led the "AAA" midget Winnipeg Thrashers in points last season (35-26-61) and showed that scoring touch last night with a five-point game.

"I guess I just went out there and tried to do my thing. Put the puck in the net and make plays like I know how and that worked out well tonight. The guys I was playing with put the puck in the net too so that helped me out as well," commented Hay after being named the 1st star.

As for training camp, Hay thinks he's played well.

"I was just trying to do what I do best. Hopefully I can continue it through the rest of the exhibition games."


With training camp coming to a close, new Broncos Head Coach/GM Mark Lamb weighed-in.

"The young players really impressed me. The draft picks this year (1994 born) were excellent. I think that's the most surprising thing for me, I didn't realize the type of talent and speed these young players have."

The veterans have caught his attention too.

"They've been so professional. They've been helping out the young players and playing some good hockey as well. Training camp is tough for veterans in terms of being aggressive and going out and playing hockey for keeps. I was really impressed with the way they handled themselves also."

As for moving forward, Lamb says they have some tough decisions to make but stresses they will take their time.

"There's a lot of tough decisions which is good. We have a lot of players competing and a lot of players who have played fairly well. We're probably going to keep more players than I would like. I'm not sure of the exact numbers right now but we're going to keep some guys around this week and get up to Edmonton (pre-season tournament) and get into a couple games. I need to see these guys in some real competitive games and after that we can start narrowing it down."


Interest around the team lately has been high. A lot of family and friends of the players at camp are hungry for information. So too are the local fans. Nearly 800 hits yesterday tells me it's hockey season.

It was good to see some fans come out to last night's game. Around 400 showed up for the contest.

The Broncos staff had a long night ahead of them with player/parent meetings. A lot of the scouts will head home after putting in a solid week at the rink. The group did a great job scouting talent in this past summer's draft. The 15 year-olds stole the show in my opinion.

I joked with Mark Lamb post-game telling him... "The 15 year-olds will be the 19 year-olds in the final year of your contract. Good timing."

"I never thought about it, you're right," replied Lamb with a big smile.



Anonymous said...

WHen will the next set of cuts be made? With the exhibition games coming up shortly, I'd imagine we'd have to get down to 30-35 players or so. With injuries and some players going to pro camps I imagine there will be more players available then most years. That and the fact we have some solid players playing in camp. Too bad we can't keep some of our '94's all year.

Jon Keen said...

As Mark said it sounds like they will carry quite a few players into the pre-season.

Bronco Fan said...

Went to see the Black/White game last night, entertaining with lots of upcoming talent. I think the club has a good corps of 94s to draw from this yr. Although only 4 was suited for last night's game, the one that looked very impressive was #29 White (Howorko). He is a strong fast skater, hard hitting, quick to break out and with his size & strength, hard to knock off the puck in the corners. He has good hands with a quick accurate snap shot. He sees the ice and although a very strong winger appears to be a natural center from his free wheeling style of play & puck control.

Anonymous said...

Jon, the ICE are in need of scoring and veteran presence in the line up with tylan stephans leaving for school. what are the chances we see a trade again sending either Stickland back to the ICE or Wudrick for futures ect. The ICE are deep in depth right now so a good move coulbe be had for both clubs. Possibly a Veteran D to the ICE if none of the above. They need a vet D man too.


Jon Keen said...

Anything is possible but I think the Broncos have big plans for Stickland and Wudrick this season.

Stickland will be one of the three 20's and then a decision will have to be made once Tassone is ready after double shoulder surgery.

I like Kootenay's group of younger D and forwards though. You never know.