Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Randoms

- It's a brand new week and I must admit it will be tough to focus on Broncos Hockey. With temps in the low 30C's for most of the week this may be our last chance at summer.

- Kudos to the Edmonton Oil Kings PR/Media staff. They were able to send out detailed game stories and summaries for all the tournament games in St. Albert this weeke
nd. In fact there Broncos/Pats summary arrived right in the middle of my back swing on the 15th hole at Chinook yesterday evening. "BING" (Blackberry sonar sounding alert).

Turn your phone off Keegs.

Thanks guys, the recaps were much appreciated.


- Another
reason hockey takes a bit of a back seat is because of the annual Labour Day Classic in Regina Sunday. The annual game against the Bombers will get a lot of air time and coverage leading up to the 2pm kick-off at Mosiac Stadium. My long-time Lanigan friend Kevin and his wife Michelle always host a big weekend-long party that begins Friday and wraps up Monday.

Last year special guests to the Sandercock backyard shenanigans included CTV's Lee Jones, Angel Blair and Voice of the Pats/Riders Rod Pedersen. Small world.

Lee if you're reading this, we need to redeem ourselves in the friz-knock tournament.


- Speaking of Lee
Jones, he was in Swift Current last week. I thought he did a good piece on his Bronco season preview.


- The Moose Jaw Warriors invade the Credit Union i-plex Friday night in the next pre-season action for the Broncos. Word is the Warriors were icing an older line-up than othe
rs at the Edmonton pre-season tournament.

Even though this is the pre-season, expect the Warriors to be playing for keeps Friday against the Broncos. The Warriors haven't had much success against the Broncos in the last couple seasons. A pre-season win may earn them some mental mileage. Word is the Warriors' Grantham and Mclaren could dress and see action late in the third period.... I kid, I kid!.


- Who has the best "fan" blog out there? It has to be Alan Caldwell in Calgary. The link is over to the right (Small Thoughts at Large).

After a couple years of media colleagues, fans, Coaches and General Managers asking just who Alan Caldwell is, I decided to look into it. Yes he is based in Calgary; he's not a member of the media currently or in the past. He's just a fan who loves the WHL. He's made such a name
for himself that teams are including him on their media releases and roster updates. Keep crunching those numbers. Good work Alan.


- Did you hear the IMAX Theatre in Regina will show the Riders/Bombers game live on Sunday? They are also hosting a pre-game tailgate party in the SCIENCE CENTER PARKING LOT. Can you imagine that? Maybe you could bring your vinegar/baking soda volcano science project and use it as a modified beer funn
el. Good times to be had in the Science Center Parking lot!


- Is it customary to get a full tank of gas when you buy a car from a dealership? I thought it was.

A friend of mine purchased a BMW X3 on the weekend. Upon driving it off the lot in Saskatoon we realized th
e gas light was on and it was almost empty. I asked the salesman about the customary full tank of gas and he looked at me like I was from Mars. "We don't do that... I've never really heard of that" was his response. Are you kidding me?

He responded:

"I'll look into it... I'll ask (dealership owner) if we can do that." (classic salesmen line... pass the buck)

After waiting around for 10 minutes, he comes back with a $20 gas voucher. $20 bucks? Not even a third of a ta
nk for a $40k plus vehicle? Joke.

Maybe I'm wrong...maybe they DON'T do it anymore...or never did. Thoughts?

I won't be giving a glowing recommendation to this place....I know it's just a tank of gas but it's the little things that count right?

Enjoy the week... stay tuned for any Bronco related news later today.



Anonymous said...

I'm thinking some possible roster moves being made today. I'm really curious whats going to happen with the goaltenders and the 20 year old situation.

Chance said...

Sounds like Meidl Honda.

Jon Keen said...

Hey! Take your $10 voucher for your 600 kms and be happy Chance. Times are tough.

Anonymous said...

When I bought my BMW in Saskatoon it came with a full tank of gas but I think I paid for it as part of package or something. Plus, that salesman works at Audi now.

Anonymous said...

I've bought 3 new vehicles (3 different kinds of vehicles and 3 different dealerships) and all of them came with a full tank of gas. At 2 I had to ask but they did so willingly. At the 3rd they just did it (and made sure to point it out!). It's not like the $50-75 makes a huge difference when you've just spent how much on a vehicle but at the same time, you just spent that much on a vehicle from them!

Anonymous said...

Noticed Hunt isn't on the Broncos roster page, website error, or is he really not in camp anymore?

smackitsakic said...

I worked at two gas stations for nearly five years a while back and two local dealerships were regulars at both stations.

They were ALWAYS filling sold vehicles with gas.

Once you're committing 5 years of $500+ payments it is foolish of any dealership, or anybody selling a used vehicle for that matter, not to fill the tank of gas.

It's a classy touch. You stay classy Swift Current.

Regan Bartel said...

Man, Swift Current has changed. The vehicle is beautiful, but the palm tree in the front yard is awesome. lol. As for the gas issue, I bought a 2004 Dodge 4X4 1500 last summer and I asked the same thing. The sales guy, after speaking to the manager, gave me half a tank. It was 148.9 when I asked the sales guy to fill it up though.

Jon Keen said...

Haha, thanks for the laugh. Sounds like we are at the same dealership Regan.

Smackit, I completely agree. It's just a little thing but a nice touch.