Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nine Broncos At NHL Camps

It's shaping up to be a good year for Broncos attending NHL camps....

F Justin Dowling is set to attend Pittsburgh Penguins conditioning camp next week. G Travis Yonkman attended a New York Rangers prospect camp earlier this month.

F Cody Eakin and D Eric Doyle were recently in D.C. for Washington Capitals prospects camp.

D Spencer McAvoy recently attended Columbus Blue Jackets camp and has been asked back for the fall camp.

F Matt Tassone will attend Dallas Stars camp but will more than likely not be recovered for a pair of shoulder surgeries in the off-season.

G Morgan Clark recently attended Vancouver Canucks prospects camp

F Geordie Wudrick will head back to Los Angeles Kings training camp while D John Negrin will push for a spot at Calgary Flames camp in the fall.

Players like Spencer McAvoy (graduated), Travis Yonkman (graduated), John Negrin (Calgary Flames signed player), will not be back with the team. The other six are all elgible to return for this season.

Quite the strong showing for the Broncos organization.

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Anonymous said...

So it's safe to say Negrin will not be back this coming season? WIth Tassone's surgery's and all, will he be back as Bronco or will he be on the DL for a bit to start the year (if so, about how long?)?

Molle, Claffey, Doyle, Stickland, Tassone, as possibilities for 3 twenty year old spots?