Monday, July 06, 2009

Announcement This Week?

Could the next Broncos General Manager or Head Coach/General Manager be named this week?

From what I was told a couple weeks ago, the Broncos BOD were more than likely going to come a decision some time this week. Perhaps they already have, and now are trying to work out contract details.

In any event, I should know more later today.

Making an announcement this week would still be deemed quick by my standards. The position has been officially vacant for five days with Chynoweth's resignation effective July 1st.

I'm on holidays starting later this week, but hope to be somewhere in the mix when the announcement is made.

I will post an update later today if possible.....

The Broncos Organization is nearing Hall of Fame weekend (July 17-18). The entire 1989 Memorial Cup Championship team will go into the Hall of Fame with the ceremony on that Friday. The annual Wellington West/Broncos Golf Classic will then be held Saturday. A lot of alumni will be in attendance for this one. I'll take the digi camera and snap some pics from the event.

The Eagle 94.1 FM is also hosting a pre Hall of Fame Party at Boston Pizza on the Thursday night leading up (July 16th). We are going to host the players from the '89 team and are running on-air contests for exclusive access to the event.

We're gonna throw on the '89 Memorial Cup Final vs Saskatoon onto the big screen and have a good time with the night.

Bronco fans, I'd suggest you catch the Eagle Morning Show this week for your chance to win your way into the event.


The Rider win Friday night was entertaining to say the least. A win is a win right? Broncos Public and Media Relations Director Keegan Goodrich is a Lions fan being that he's from the lower mainland. He didn't enjoy the game as much as I did Friday.

Speaking of Broncos staff, I believe a new Game-day Coordinator begins today. His name escapes me at the moment. It sounds like he has plenty of experience in working with sports teams and organizations. I'm sure he'll do a fine job.

I'll try to have an update later today,

Have a great day,



Anonymous said...

I'm really curious what names are now on the short list of candidates for GM position and Head Coach position. Don Nachbaaur? Mike Lamb? Darren Kruger? Clouston? Mike Dyck? Tim Kehler? Sheldon Fergesun? Stasiuk? Chad Lang? Dean Brockman? I"m curious, actually very curious.
On a side note, I am on whlfans quite a bit but I'm starting to realize that your blog is a bit more interesting of a read.

Tyler said...

I guess we wait yet one more day to potentially hear FINALLY who are GM and Head Coach are going to be. I was anticipating a posting today. You're a sneaky one there Mr. Keen. Keeping us on our toes.

Jon Keen said...

There's just no news. some of the key players are out of town this week. Sorry Tyler.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update at least Mr. Keen.

Anonymous said...

Joe Sakic now that he is retired, when will that rumour start.