Friday, July 17, 2009

Lamb Ready for the Challenge

Here's a few comments taken out of the Broncos tele-conference to introduce Mark Lamb as the Broncos new Head Coach/General Manager.

"It's my job to keep building the Broncos to the top of the league. I'm not going to make any predictions or promises but people who know me know that the bar has been raised very hard on the standards I have for myself and the organization. People in Swift Current have a passion for hockey, that is one of the many reasons I can't wait to come back and get this job started."

On the type of team and player make-up he's looking for....

"I'm a very honest, hard working guy and I expect the players to be the same way. If they're honest, come to camp in shape and put the honest work in and come prepared they will have no problem with me."

On the style of play he'll be after....

"I'm from the old Edmonton Oilers background that we're going to be a lot of puck pressure, a lot of hard fore-checking and playing with the puck a lot. I have a sense that's the way it's going to be.

On what he can teach the players....

"I was never a guy that was given anything. I had to work really hard to make it to the NHL. There was a lot of stuff I had to overcome, I had to go down to the minors, I was traded around a few times...but to persevere, you just have to keep going on. That's something I can relate to the players. I think when they look at me they can see light at the end of the tunnel. They can look at me and say "man, maybe I can do that".

On the current staff and the plans moving forward...

"The staff that is in place right now is a very good staff. I've talked to a few of them on the phone. Dean (Chynoweth) did a very good job getting these guys signed. The organization is on the upward swing. I don't see any need to do any firings or move these guys around. They've done a good job and for me I think they can really help me a lot. I'm looking forward to working with them and hopefully having a long future with these guys."



kekkone said...


I have read this from unofficial source and I would like get confirmation from you: Did Joe Sakic score 4 goals in the last period of the last 1987-88 Broncos regular season game to tie up with Theo Fleury for scoring title with 160 points? It's amazing if Sakic really did that.

Also, as a Finn and Flames fan I'm interested in Joni Ortio and his possibilities to play for Broncos next season. Has there been any rumors if he wants to report? He is on Flames Development camp next week and Broncos are propably persuading him to come over. IMO it would be better for him to come over because he has nothing more to prove in Junior A where he would play if he stays in Finland.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

This is a question unrelated to your article. What's happened to the Indians baseball and Swift Current Legionnaire broadcasts and how come you and Ryan Switzer aren't on the air for them anymore. It's great that 94 fm does the games, but we sure miss the way you guys do them.

Jon Keen said...

Some good questions,

I don't think Sakic scored the goals in the last period but he did have a big night to surpass Fleury for the WHL scoring title. I do know he scored very late in the third to clinch the scoring race.

Ortio may not come this season but I think the Broncos will work on him. If not this season than perhaps next. Wait and see I guess.

Jon Keen said...


We can't do every game on the radio and use the Legionnaires/Indians as a training ground for other younger announcers.

We can't do it all and need to spread it around a little.

Personally, dedicating an entire seven months to a hockey team can be a grind. Every weekend from late september to April is tied up. I don't think we will be doing Legionnaire games next season as a radio station.

Bronco History Nerd said...

Hey Jon,

Sakic and Fleury ended up tied in the scoring race that year. Joe had a four point night to tie him in the last game of the season, which included an assist in the last 20 seconds.