Sunday, July 19, 2009

Awesome Hall of Fame Weekend

You barely have time to catch your breath and then it's back at it here Monday morning at the radio station. This post is a little long, but it could be the one of the last for awhile with some holidays set to kick in...

The Broncos along with Wellington West hosted a fantastic Hall of Fame weekend as the 1988-89 championship team went into the Hall of Fame. The weekend started with our Eagle 94.1 FM Pre Hall of Fame Party at BP's and was non-stop from that point. I didn't take a lot of pics but here's a few:

A full clubhouse for the after golf meal and prizes. Low team fired a 55 I believe

Our team! The round lasted nearly eight hours in the heat. We battled it out for a 63. That's Carol in the pink (Broncos Office Manager), Brenda (tickets/souvenirs/website), Keegan (Media and PR), and Jordan (Business Operations). This is the 2nd year in a row we've golfed together.

Nice shot Keegs. This is the new Ford Mustang Keegan found behind the 5th green as he flew the green by 20 yards. The car will be in for some dent repair this morning at Cypress Motors I'm thinking.

The guys. Left to right: Dale Weise in his Joey Jeremiah lid, Assistant coach Tim Kehler, Keegan and former Broncos captain Zack Smith. Dale and Zack believe the daily blog hits at Keen's Korner go through the roof whenever they're mentioned! Both of these guys will push for a full-time NHL job this fall, Dale in New York and Zack in Ottawa.

Bronco Hall of Famer Tiger Williams at Friday's induction ceremony. (courtesy

Danny Lambert and Sheldon Kennedy speak on behalf of the 88/89 championship team. Kennedy had everyone laughing. (courtesy

The two accept the Hall of Fame plaque. (courtesy

There was a special DVD presentation commemorating the championship season that myself and Christian Moulding from Shaw TV teamed up for. I would love to post the nine minute video here at some point if I can figure out how to do that. The audio will be used in a Broncos broadcast this season. You can also check out at some point this week. The plan is to upload it to the site.

If anyone knows a real easy way of posting audio/video through blogger please leave a comment on the bottom of the post. Thanks.

The Hall of Fame ceremony had a special guest show up. In typical Joe Sakic fashion, the NHL legend just slid into the Auditorium unannounced. It didn't take long for the folks to pick up on his presence though. He spent a lot of the night talking to fans and posing for pictures.


Joe played with most of the guys on the Hall of Fame team the previous two years but left in his 19 year-old season to play for the Quebec Nordiques.

He too a few minutes for to answer some of my questions. The interview will be used for our radio station sports and an upcoming Bronco broadcast feature and perhaps WHL This Week when the new season gets going.

Joe says he's just looking forward to being a dad to his kids and taking it slow for the time being. It sounds like he plans to learn a bit of the management side with the Avalanche at some point. He's a top notch guy all the way. The folks in these parts are proud to call him a former Bronco as well they should be.


I'll be taking some holidays the rest of the week as we're planning on a little golf vacation and get-together in the Radium/Fairmont area.

Can you believe the new hockey season is right around the corner with training camp less than a month away?

I'm also planning to step up some radio station duties. I've been the acting News Director since the departure of Jessica Williams a few months ago and it looks like that the "acting" title will be dropped at some point. I don't know exactly what that means but it could mean less time for things like this blog/Broncos and more hands-on with the operations of the radio station and it's personnel.

Anyways, that it's for me. Enjoy the summer, it'll be over before you know it.



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