Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moen to Montreal

Here's some recent thoughts on local hockey product Travis Moen agreeing to terms with the Montreal Canadiens back on Friday.

The Canadiens will be Moen's 4th NHL team as he enters his 6th season in the NHL. Moen had made it clear earlier in the free agent season he wanted to re-sign with San Jose or at least stay on the west coast. It didn't happen, and now he's is headed to a hockey frenzy market. It's something he's preparing himself for.

"I'm pretty excited to go to Montreal, it's an original six team with a rich history. It will be a lot different from the west coast but it will be a fun experience at the same time."

He admits they were working hard to re-sign with the Sharks.

"I liked it out on the west coast, San Jose was great. We just couldn't get anything worked out. But I'm excited about going to Montreal and finally getting to play in Canada."

As for his role with the Habs, he expects to provide the same thing he's been doing over his first five NHL seasons.

"I haven't talked to them much but they are looking for me to come in and play physical and be good defensively which works for me. I'm looking forward to going to camp and meeting all the new faces. Hopefully we can mesh well together and have a good run."

Moen agreed to a three-year deal. A longer term deal was what he was after. No word if that was the sticking point with the Sharks.

Terms of the deal were not released.

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